Desktop Version vs Ipad vs Android Displays

I just logged into my android phone to view this site and noticed that it’s very different looking

Desktop and my Ipad show it was as a Category on LEFT, and top 10 or 20 or so LATEST on the right

But on my Android phone it shows up as the Latest 3 of each category.

Was this intentionally different?

I tried to shrink the screen on the desktop and the LATEST went to the bottom, which I expected.

Mobile vs ipad are always different, my ipad pro matches desktop, while my iphone uses mobile.

It is intentional. It is designed to optimize the UX for each screen size.


I mean, the data is different, was it intentional that Mobile people see the forums in different ways?

Top 20 latest vs Top 3 for each Category?
Just go here o’ mobile if you want the “right” side?


That works, but I was thinking of the fact that Mobile visitors to this site get a different experience than a Desktop or Ipad user.

Got it!
Thanks for that info, lol

I just click the latest button on my phone

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I’m referring to the brand new visitor to this site.
Brand new people on Desktop / Ipad see one format
Brand new people on Phone see a different format.

Come on mllcb42, you know it’s hard for them to even read the threads sometimes (When are June Numbers ready?), but when you only see the top 3 questions on each forum, it does sorta explain why they keep asking the same questions over and over.

You can only put so much info on a mobile screen and have it be usable.

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All I can say is that a newbie visitor via the phone doesn’t get the same info that a newbie visitor gets via the desktop version.

It can also explain why newbies ask the same question when 4 posts below it has the answer.

I was expecting something more like this to the new user (Categories on top, Latest on the bottom) which would match the experience on desktop. Not the completely different 3 posts per category.
That’s about all I’m saying, not that there are work arounds, or there are settings that need to be set.
Just what a new user sees the same data across all 3 types.

You can also see the stickies are first, not 12th. (Especially the READ ME FIRST sticky)


The read me first does come up first for a first time visitor. It shows up lower once you’ve seen it already

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Can you show me? I did it on incognito and it definitely was the 28th listed post.
I forgot my phone won’t take a SS of incognito.

I did it on incognito right before posting and it was the first post. Can’t screen shot cause incognito

Ok, got one. Took a pic of a pic.
Went to, clicked on FORUMS
as you can see, the first post is Ask The Hackrs - Deal check on a Wrangler. Not on the READ ME FIRST.

Now click on latest so that you get the list of topics, like on the desktop view you were showing

Maybe you missed the whole point of this thread.

But they do get the same info, it’s just formatted differently so that it can actually be seen. There really isn’t any good way to display both the latest threads and the category listings concurrently on a small phone screen and still have it be usable. One either needs to click through the tab buttons at the bottom or endlessly scroll if everything is co-located. Either is a concession.

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