Depreciation of ICE cars next 5-10 years

I think all future vehicles should be AT LEAST mild hybrids, preference in order would be hybrid<PHEV<EV. I can easily see a case where we NEED ICE engines as long as the infra doesn’t exist to finally abandon fossils. I also don’t see EV as necessarily the end-all…I’m all about doing ‘something better’, which leaves open the possibility for alternative propulsion/energy options. But I feel EV has a leg up over others in that it is the easiest for common folks to be self-reliant, solar panels feeding their homes and cars with their typical daily energy needs, of course where is makes financial sense to do so. The hope would be panels and storage gets cheaper with volume and adoption, normalizing it for everyone. Normalization is how we’ll get to any sort of net zero type scenario for fossil as fuel supply, and cost/benefit plays a major role.
I also think there’s a lot of nonsense going on, as it relates to the Biden 50 mile mandate and similar proposals…this seems like an electioneering exercise/money-grab as opposed to sensible policy. For example, in California (and I assume in many other places), commercial property has local and state requirements that MUST be met to even get permitted before groundbreak. Things like X number of parking spots, X number of handicapped spots, X number of trees to provide 50% shade coverage over parking lots (urban heat island), etc. It would be a simple fix to add X number of solar panels/storage and plugs to provide the public with recharge ability onto existing building parking/shade requirements, obviating the severity of infra overhaul to accommodate EV influx. There are quite a few forward thinking companies/institutions that have already done this (a local Kaiser hospital for example) with no requirement that I’m aware of. To normalize plug-in at the locations we frequent, the charge should be largely delivered in the 15-20 minutes that most folks commonly ‘spend’ at these locations, and one shouldn’t have to think much further than seeing their current charge level, and decide if they need to plug in or not during their outing. It should be cheaper to plug in on the go than to set up L2/3 charging at home…unless your goal is to ‘make work’ for the residential electricians. Level 1 should, imho, remain the best option for most homes and the grid in general, and is the most cost effective for the average consumer. They should only need a minor top up from whence they came, once home.
There…I used ‘whence’ in a sentence today…job well done.

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I was referring to this thread, the discussion is (was) around how EV take up, government policy etc… would affect ICE prices, not on whether its a good idea or not.

Looking outside of your lens of whether you think EVs are a bad idea or not, its clear theyre coming and are here to stay in, for the next decade or so, an ever growing number. This will without a doubt have an impact on ICE depreciation, the only question is how big an impact it will have within 5 or 10 years

Gavin Newson LITERALLY said this. Dude you’re really bad at this.

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Newson wants to be President, so he is saying all kinds of stuff that I suspect he does not really believe or want/expect to happen. Dude didn’t even comply with his own mask requirements, so as with most politicians, I don’t believe most of what he says.


I’m talking about on here. Gavin Newson is not reading this…

As covered, the interesting conversation is about how demand and policy may affect depreciation, not your personal opinion on EVs, there’s surely another thread for that

Won’t it be great when everyone has EVs?


A few things to point out; it is a Tesla charging station for starters. I get the point that is being made here, but more context would be helpful such as location, time of day, etc.

What is California’s population? Close to 40M (Source: California Population 2022 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs)). How many EVs are there in that state? It looks like supply for charging stations is outweighing demand. In this instance, shouldn’t the manufacturer, Tesla, be doing a better job to install more charging stations for its customer?

I’m not sure if it is sarcasm or a real question.

Not pictured, the thousands people at home charging theirs (maybe even with solar)

I remember when the colonial pipeline cyberattack happened and there were lines like this at every gas station. Nobody was at home refining their own oil I assume. lul

This is what their charging stations look like every time I drive by them in my state. But then again, we have $0.12/kWh electricity and we don’t have NIMBYs and seagull lovers begging the state to shut down our nuclear power plants as we struggle to meet existing demand.


Hertz/Uber must not have invaded your town yet. Our superchargers are often full here in DFW. :unamused:

Is ford, gm, toyota, bmw, merc, honda, etc…responsible for gas stations at every corner?

On another note CCS adapter is available on Tesla website now, so they can now start clogging up EA stations.

FWIW, one of the selling points of owning a Tesla is their super charger networks. One of the selling points of owning an ICE car is the ability to go to any gas station and fill up.

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According to Slickdealers, this inelegant monstrosity is an abomination, unfit for Tesla users, and CCS is beneath considering since you mingle with the proletariat. And they never work ‘anyways’.

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Tesla’s produced before Oct 2020 will need a retrofit. If you have a newer Tesla, they will start shipping in two weeks.

It is rated at 250kw, which is nice. Good insurance policy to throw in the truck for road trips.

Imagine everyone evacuating SoFla had an electric car right now.