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hey guys, wondering if this advertisement is a good deal or is there any wiggle room with this velar lease?

It’s an advertisement… There is always wiggle room. That being said, an advertisement is worthless if they won’t honor it

That’s a very good deal if the dealer has that one unit still in stock.
I am in the same lookout for a Velar too but NJ is too far for me to have it shipped.

The down payment is the killer - you are paying down the cap cost and you will never see that back so be aware that leases should be zero cap cost reduction on your part.

Try to get the dealer to pay for most of the cap cost reductions…

Also find out if the lease is thru Chase or US Bank ?

Let us know what the residual and MF quoted to you ?

That deal isn’t overly fantastic. That’s an effective 616/month before TTL. Meh.

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I calculate $517/month in California where we don’t roll in taxes like other states.
We pay monthly 9% tax on the rent of the lease which comes out to $517.
I usually just pay for the first month plus title and reg which normally comes out to $1500 drive off.
So in CA, it’s a great deal for a Velar!

You’re forgetting the 4995 down, which equates to 138.75 before tax and interest/month.

So what would be a good deal? Anyone aware of how much discount one could receive on a new Velar?

The 2018 Velar has a $1500 Conquest cash incentive on it now (apparently it has dropped from $3K a few months ago). My sales advisor thinks the rate at which the Conquest cash is declining means it may be gone by fall.

So in addition to the $1500 Conquest cash, the dealer should be able to drop $4K-$5K off MSRP.
So about $6500 off MSRP ?

Thanks that helps a lot, appreciate all the info!! Hopefully I can successfully implement it and get a great deal within the next month or so