Demo 2017 Maserati Levante S Lease question

Hi, this is my first post on LH and hope to get some info about this Demo Levante deal.

2017 Maserati Levante S SUV
Original Price: $90,100
Sale Price: $68,985 (23.4% OFF MSRP)
Mileage : 339 Miles

My goal is to lease the car with 1% MSRP rule and I’m sure there are some rooms to negotiate for the sale price as it is been 2 years old and demo. I know some new 19 models are 15-20% off MSRP according to

Before I go talk to the local dealer, I just wanted to ask you guys if the dealer would offer the lease and is it possible to get the 1% MSRP deal. In reality, it might be $1000 per month lease and I would not consider it.

I had no idea you could still lease a 2017.

I don’t know either, the car is considered as new with only 300 some miles on dealer’s website. Never leased a demo before.

No way there is still lease support on a 2017. The only way to lease this is through an independent leasing company and it will be brutal.

Thanks. Might as well just lease a 2019 New model with 20% off MSRP then.

I would look into the cost of maintenance before deciding on a Maserati… they look good on lease payments but when your paying 5K a year for brakes and servicing you realize you could’ve gotten a much better car.


Good point, but when leasing new cars, I wouldn’t need to worry about some maintenance such as replacing breaks, clutch at only 10k or 20k miles right? From my experience, only regular oil change/filter is needed per year? Can someone who leased a Maserati jump in and share their experience?

This might have been a freak accident, but my dads Maserati needed the brakes changed after 6,000 Miles. The dealer said it’s pretty common though, saying depending on how aggressive the car was driven they last between 5-10k miles. Now here’s the kicker… you gotta replace the rotors too, $1800.

I may be wrong, not trying to spread misinformation so definitely double check but Maserati will cost you a lot more than the lease payment

No one with a Maserati want to chime in??