Demo 2017 BMW X5 MSRP $64,870 36/12k $590/mo $3500 down

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 BMW X5 sDrive35i]

MSRP: [$64,870]
Selling Price: [$50,966.44]
Rebates: [$2000 no idea what for]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [unknown]
Residual: [unknown]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$3,500]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$590]

Zip Code: [92264]
Sales Tax Rate: [8.75%]

Went in to test drive the BMW X3 to compare to the Audi Q5, we were very underwhelmed with the X3 after testing the Q5, but the Audi people gave a horrible deal. When we were looking at the x3, I said I didn’t want to spend more than 20k over the course of 3 years. Their first offer came out to 22500, then negotiated down to 21k.

We asked about the loaner cars, and they had an X5 with less than 4000 miles on it. It has the premium package, lighting package, driver assistance package, harman kardon sound, and apple play. We came to the above numbers pretty fast, before the wear and tear and maintenance add ons, it came out to 21240 for 3 years, then added the wear and tear and full maintanence which brings the 3 year total to $24740($3500 down, $590/mo). Could we have done better?

This is first luxury car, and will be in the 3 year cycle, so wondering what can be done for the next lease. Thanks!

Without all the details, it’s hard to evaluate. With the rebate, you got close to 25% off MSRP, so I would expect better numbers, especially with such a large drive-off. They probably marked up the MF and possibly added other BS fees. Also, BMW comes with maintenance, so was the wear and tear really $3500? Doesn’t seem worth it at all.

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Selling price includes the $2000 rebate. BMW maintenance is just oil change, the maintenance add on covers brakes and tires. The original down payment was $1500, then the wear and tear and maintenance was close to $4000 but came down to $2000. I had to leave towards the end to do a quick job so my gf closed it, I didn’t get the MF, which I wish I did. But nonetheless, running it through the calculator seems we could have gotten it down to $21,000.

BMW demo and loaner cars get hammered now on the residuals, doubly so if the car has more than 5,000 miles on it. Hard to know how good a deal this is without know the milage on the car. That is on top of the fact that BMW’s are not leasing very well right now.

Since you already signed up for it I’d just be happy with it, especially because the X5 is probably a nicer drive than either the X3 or Q5. Doubly so if the X3 you were considering was a 4 cylinder model.

Congrats and enjoy the new ride!


The OP stated it has less than 4000 miles on it.

Thanks! So moving forward though, is the wear and tear, and the maintenance upgrade bs add-ons to avoid on the next lease? What made us get it was not wanting to get any surprise fees upon returning the vehicle that could add up fast, or was that just them using fear of the unknown against us?

You can even cancel them now.

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You know I looked three times and missed that! So under 4K miles he avoids the 4% drop in residual and just has the dollar based reduction. $0.25 a mile so under $1K in this case.

As max_g says you probably can cancel them now if you want. Go read the fine print.

Based on my BMW experience you will almost certainly need tires at lease end or before. Brakes will depend on how hard you are on the car. I’m easy on brakes so I had no issues.

Wear and tear comes down to how hard you are on cars. If you treat them well and live in an environment where you don’t get scratches, dings and dents you can drop it. I never take that when I lease. But that’s up to you and your comfort level.

Running the rough numbers it looks to me like you are paying about $2,500 of your drive off towards those warranties. Without them I get a payment of roughly $583 with tax with a down of $1,070 which is within spitting distance of your deal if they didn’t mark up the MF.

If it was me I’d drop the extras and be very happy to have a $65K car at $590 a month.

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This is absolutely not the way to get a good deal. You just anchored negotiations around a totally arbitrary price point. You push for an aggressive discount on the car based on actual data, leverage any existing rebates or incentives, choose the number of miles that work for you, and the monthly payment is an output. When you start with the amount you want to pay, you’re likely to get a worse deal.

Hope that helps for the future.

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You already signed. You already took delivery of the car. Now you’re asking us to rate your deal?

Just enjoy the car and come back in 3 years when your lease is coming up. For goodness sake at least cancel the wear and tear.

Thank you for sharing. Others can use this as a reference point and compare to what they may be getting offered on a similar deal.

Yes could have done better by declining the wear and tear or negotiating it down to 1k.
That’s the leasehackr spirit, as soon as you lease one car, start thinking about the next lease :slight_smile:

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