Delivery & handling fee is $30 higher than window sticker

The dealer told me maybe Lexus made a mistake on the winder sticker. I saw $995 on all window stickers for the delivery processing and handling fees, but the specs printed out lists $1,025, Is it normal?

There was a price increase on the car, this car was produced prior to the increase, any documents you sign should reflect the window sticker on the car.

But the spec delivery & handling is $30 higher than the window sticker.

Market price is what people are willing to pay for the car, not sure what that has to do with the sticker price.

Sorry i mean the delivery & handling fees. All other stay the same.

I’ve seen it before with Toyota. They will send a new window sticker for all the cars on the lot with the change. They are slow to send them

I wouldn’t worry about a $30 difference…

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