! Delete Please. Delete Please

Delete Please. Delete Please

That is alot of cars. I doubt one broker will want to quote you on so many. You may need to break them up a little. BMW does not do MSDs. I dont think VOlvo does either. Tehy will do a one pay.

Thanks! I guess you are right!

My priority list is 1) BMW 2) Volvo 3) everything else :slight_smile:
I can do a one pay as well.

They do…

I will say stay far away from Vista BMW. They suck. Not only will they quote you an insane price their inception fees are through the roof and padded. When I said are you nuts to the salesman about the inception fees he could not even give me a good breakdown. And their prices are terrible. BKW in general seems tough in SOuth Fla. South Motors may be worth a try.

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Are there any good brokers around?

Are you still in the market?