Defective and Unwanted Dealer Addon

Hi, I’m a leasing newbie and leased my first car over this weekend.

Even after reading all the great tips from Leasehacker and preparing myself for the worst, I leased a vehicle with a Vehicle Recovery Device that my salesman and finance guy told me was already installed and just cannot be taken off. (should have walked out when I heard this, but bear with me here…)
It was still a pretty good deal (not amazing), so I ended up leasing it anyways.

When they were setting me up with the anti-theft device, the finance guy noticed it hasn’t reported its location in a month or so and told me it was due to the battery on the car being completely discharged (it was almost very low on juice when I test drove it). It’s been a week and the system still isn’t reporting its location (basically anti-theft isn’t working).

I looked into the car near the fuse box and noticed that the cable that is connected to the antitheft device is cut using a very sharp tool and that’s why it was not working.

Since I didn’t want the system installed on the first place, and they lied when they told me why it wasn’t working, I want to see if I can get them to remove the device (since it needs to be re-installed in the first place) and resign the lease to take off the ridiculous amount they’ve added onto the payment.

Do you think this will be possible? and how should I approach them?
or do you think I am just out of luck and will be stuck with them reinstalling the cable?

Thanks in advance.

There is no blanket answer and probably will depend on how much you push. Dealers include high margin items that cannot easily be removed, like nitrogen tires, tint, window etching, and LoJack type systems. They have already been paid by the financing company so not like the lease has to be redone or anything.

Rather than asking for a straight refund, you may be better off ask for something maintence related like a service credit (if that makes sense based on the car you leased) since it’s easier for them to comp that then write you a check. I would take a soft approach but argue based on the value of your time, if you have spoken to them several times and now need to bring it in to service something you didn’t want. They are likely going to replace the whole unit so just tell them to just take it out completely.

Have you asked your insurance company if you get any discount for having it?

As for the wire, it will be far less labor for them to just fix the wire rather than remove the unit.

If you still don’t want it, don’t tell them you found the problem. Just call and complain it still isn’t working and therefore you want a refund for it.

Something fishy is going on. Why would it be sliced off like that?

Let’s see here…looking for your original post about your deal…Hmmmm…

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Deal is signed, they won’t unwind it. But they should fix it.

It was a good deal. Snark snark snark

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