Deconstructing a bad lease deal and figuring out MINI promos

Since I may be lemoning my wife’s car I’ve started searching for nicer cars that fit her needs (PHEV or electric / preferably AWD).

I’ve been waiting for any deals on the 2018 Mini Cooper S E Countryman All4, but nothing as of yet. I got a quote from a nearby dealership and I’m trying to backtrack to figure out the MF and RV based on what they’ve given. Here’s what I have so far.

Is MF still in the .00152 range? Can residual be figured out from this chart for 24/30/36mo? Is $4000 the lease cash available for this car (it would line up with the federal tax credit)? Are there any additional stackable rebates I can still put on? I do qualify for loyalty, conquest, and I have the corporate fleet discount as well.

I know this deal sucks but I’m hoping that as I go through the lemon process this car is just going to sit in the lot and a great deal will be had in a few months.

Yeah, this deal is horrible. I am not sure about E trim, but I’ve been poking around the dealerships nearby for 2017/2018 Countryman S All4 trim for two months (Aug, Sept).

All dealerships kind of gave up on me after offering invoice pricing (roughly 6% off from sticker) + $4500 finance incentives or $3000 lease incentives.

I do quality for corporate fleet + loyalty + top tier 1 credit, so MF is 0.00149 if I lease or 0.9% if I finance.

When I was in college I had a buddy nick-named ping pong. He’d just bounce from girl to girl at a bar. He’d get rejected repeatedly, but he didn’t care. And eventually after many many rejections, one would say yes.

This is how dealers work. They throw these hideously awful deals at people. Most will laugh in their face and walk away. But eventually a sucker will think $660/mo with $1K down for a $45K car is a great deal.


This is so true! (not 20 char??)

that is a horrible contract (not even a “Deal”) at best. 600+ for a sub 40k car. i just got in a 2017 440xi GC 63.5k msrp at $599 all in. granted 36/10k. only paid $599 at drive off…plenty of promos going this month for BMW.

Just ask the dealer for the buy out price after the lease term is up and you’ll have the residual. You can also check Edmunds. It looks like they are giving you zero discount off of the sticker price, just the rebate anyone can give you on that model, am I misreading?

The dealer didn’t respond to me when I asked him if there were no discounts off the price and what the potential stackable were (loyalty/corporate/etc). I also mentioned that I got my BMW i3 for more than $200 less per month with barely any cash on the table. I’m guessing they really don’t care if they sell this car right away.

If they won’t provide you with basic details of their proposed deal then its time to move on.

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