Decisions for trim levels of 2023 sportage kia

Hi, I am from Georgia and found out some Sportage EX models with 2000-3000 Markup.
However, seems that I can purchase LX models at MSRP because they have some in their inventories.

Is it usual to have more base model trims when the new car is introduced? Is it possible to have more upper trims when I wait for a little more usually? Because it seems that they are just started to be manufactured. What strategy do I have to have? Wait a little more?
Also, I was wondering is there any way that I can get an allocation sheet for a specific model?


I bet you can find a dealer that’ll order you one at msrp

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hmm… do you mean that I have to ask if he/she can order one at MSRP for me?

In general: more options means the possibility of more things in short supply (microprocessors/microcontrollers, rubber for higher end tires, etc). If you are waiting for more supply, you could be waiting a long time.

Oh yeah… that would be possible… I would like to see how many Sportages are started to be manufactured from the Kia Georgia factory lol…

I would find the kia telluride forums and find the threads discussing who sells those at msrp, and then ask them if they can order at msrp. That’s how I got my carnival when everyone local was doing $5-10k over.



What he said.

When asking dealers about ordering from the factory, also ask about incoming vehicles that haven’t been assigned to anyone (vehicles that are already en route from the factory) and that you can put a deposit on it … that deposit will be applied as a credit toward your OTD price at the time of delivery.

Also consider a Seltos. Very similar in terms of interior room, actually ever so slightly larger in some dimensions.

About $4,000 cheaper EX AWD vs Sportage EX AWD.

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Oh… Do you mean telluride forum in the leashackr? You mean because they know a lot about the dealers who can give them at MSRP or lower, so you suggest me to figure out one near my place right?

Yeah… I think I contacted all branches but there was no dealer who suggests me at MSRP… hmm I think I should search more in Kia or telluride forum? Oh… hmm I haven’t checked the Selltos. But isn’t the Sportage upper trim compared with the Seltos? Is there a specific reason not to recommend Sportage?

No, not on leasehackr. There are telluride specific web forums out there.

Oh… yeah… I can find some forums. thanks a lot I will ask there…!

I’m relatively sure that in regards to Kia, this is exactly how ordering is done. You don’t actually “order” anything from the factory, you merely tell the dealer what you want and they reach back to Kia to see if a build matching that requirement was built, is being built, or unallocated.

I think Kia got out of the custom ordering game a while ago, at least when I leased my Stinger they already had stopped doing that.

Hi, I contacted all dealerships in the Georgia and found the one charging me around 2k markup for sportage EX. Seems that LX base models are on sale at MSRP but EX cannot be available at MSRP.
I will visit the dealership and put in a deposit tomorrow. I hope that I can get a better deal tomorrow, but the dealer says that it cannot be negotiable regardless it is paid as cash or financed.
Is there any good strategy to get a good deal from the current one…?

Try another dealership out of state.

Seems that out of state dealership is pretty same

Go to the kia forums and find what dealers are charging msrp. You’ll have much better luck and save yourself a bunch of time over calling every dealer in the state.

Yeah… I checked kia forums and seems that all branches have markups… that is so unfortunate…

Kia of South dade in Miami will do orders at msrp, other than having to deal with a high fl dealer doc fee

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