Deciding between lease deals for Infiniti Q50 and BMW 340i

Hi everyone, I almost signed on a Q50 today, the salesman gave me a very aggressive offer:

2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Premium
MSRP $41,970
$289/month (9% tax included)
$1,000 due at signing
39mo, 10k/yr

Seems like a pretty incredible deal. I don’t know all of the lease figures, but I played around with the calculator until I came up with that payment and it has a score of 13.

On the other hand, I test drove a 2016 340i right after and liked the car significantly better. A dealer near me has 2 of them left and has the following special:

2016 BMW 340i w/Tech, Driver Assistance packages
MSRP $53,145
$356.41/month (9% tax included)
Selling Price $44,488 (non-demo car)
$4,995 Due at Signing
36mo, 10k/yr
MF .00134
No loyalty discount
Leasehackr score 10.6

This is their advertised special and other BMW dealers think it’s already very low, I couldn’t get them to go any lower… if I actually sat down with the manager with intent to buy though then maybe they’d budge. Also I asked about multiple security deposits and the salesman had no idea what I was talking about.

What do you guys think? I really like the Bimmer but it’s a lot more money and I don’t think I’d be unhappy with the Infiniti.

If you are in Cali then there are so many BMW dealers then you need to call around. I find it best to tell them exactly the deal that will make you buy the car, anything less just walk.

Yes I’m in Cali… Los Angeles, I went to another BMW dealer and they had one 2016 in their system but when they went to give me a quote they said it was sold. Another dealer is supposed to give me a quote tomorrow. Does that special seem close to good?

Seems horrid with all that money down upfront. I looked at about 30 dealers to find the car I’m looking at, fortunately it is not too far away but always worth travelling if it is the right car.

I just called the dealers and stood firm that I would not come in until I knew the car was here and the numbers worked.

The infiniti deal seems pretty good

The BMW deal is not that good

In the end , Go with whatever you will happy with for 3 years

find a 340i loaner, looks like the numbers reported here are much better

As someone who several years ago was debating between a cheaper infiniti and a 335 i knew was better car, GET THE CAR YOU WANT. If you can’t afford one vs. the other thats one thing but that $50 bucks a month you saved will not make you feel any better when you see another one on the street and think i should be driving that. I went with the infiniti and about a year later I had my 335, it would have been cheaper to get the BMW from the start.

Just a quick info. I have got as low as $240/mo for 39 mo and 12k/yr for Q50 3.0TT Premium with $700 down. So you can do better on Q50. I am Nor-Cal though. Hope this helps you.

Title is so misleading…how should one compare two monthly payments that are $3,995 in drive-off fees apart?

Which dealership was this? Whats was the MSRP on this? Thanks you for your help.

Dealer is Beshoff Infiniti

Max_g, sorry… those are the offers that I got and what I’m having to compare for myself.

Vatakle that sounds like a hell of a deal! What’d you have to do to get it so low?

Was that payment including tax?

excluding tax. and sorry, drive off is $976 and not $700 as i rechecked. just negotiate with multiple dealers and get the best price. some models have more discount based on color and config. And i got quote in Nov end, so not sure for Dec. Probably wanted to meet sales goals at the end of the month.