Decent BMW Dealer in Florida?

Does anyone know of good BMW dealers in Florida…in general? I’ve been dealing with guys in South Florida and they have been a pain. my lease will be ending soon and i was looking to get 3-series or 5-series. any feedback or good experiences you’ve had, would be appreciated.

none in South FL. They just don’t care to even call you back. Total waste of time.

had any luck with guys in other parts of Florida?

none i would feel comfortable recommending.

Decent BMW dealers in FL? no such thing! I send alot of BMW’s to Florida via my dealers in surrounding states. The discount is on average $1500 better and shipping is less than dealers $699 doc fee in FL. So it works out better.

Which BMW? I can run a lease for you!

Anthony - - 949-485-3002

I second Anthony’s assessment of FL dealers.

Anthony, do you get preferred shipping rates or do you get similar shipping rates as i would get if quoting via ?

Also, are you saying other states don’t charge the $699 dealer fees as in FL?

I can confirm that I know of several other states that don’t charge dealer fees or charge very minimal fees.

sure, please price a $0 down (only inceptions due at signing…tax, title, license fees) 36 Month, 10K Miles a year 2016 bmw 528i. MSRP of roughly $54,000. following options.

PREMIUM PACKAGE -inc: Power Tailgate, Satellite Radio, 1 year subscription, Comfort Access Keyless Entry (ZPP)

I do pull alot of cars out of new york ( $80 doc fee ) or PA ( $50 doc fee ) ( Just sent a 428i conv for $600 from Ny to Miami ) so it is pretty much the same as buying from a FL dealer, but again, i get the cars for $1500 to $2000 better in those states so that make up the difference. I charge a flat $595 for my services. so net net, still savings. Shipping only takes 3 days at the most.

Thanks for sending that.


I am in Florida and looking for a deal on a 740 or X5. 36 months 15k miles.
Should I send you a build?
I am easy. I like M sport package, and I like white exterior, tartuffo interior.

  • Ryan Garzon

Pat at BMW Ft Myers is great. One if the best persons I have worked w for BMW deals

Yeah you can send me your build to or build it on our site. Https://

X5 deals are fair but there is alot of rebate cash on the 7 series right now.

I’ll work up lease offers for you on both so you can see.


How about X6s!?

I dont know exactly how much off hand, but somewhere in the $10k off sticker zone on X6. Because they have $5k or $6k in dealer cash.

I am also looking for a good 2019 BMW X5 40i lease deal.
Have been to 1 Miami dealer so far, not feeling much attention from the dealership.
Here are the details:
36 months, 12k miles.
Build (flexible on colors and tiers but need Premium package and want at least 20" wheels):

  • BASE MSRP$60,700


    Executive Tier
    Convenience Package
    Premium Package
    Executive Package

  • COLOR Alpine White

  • WHEELS20" V-spoke wheels, style 738 with all-season run-flat tires

  • UPHOLSTERYBlack Vernasca Leather

    Driving Assistance Professional Package
    Parking Assistance Package
    Harman Kardon surround sound system

  • TOTAL MSRP as Built $71,570

(not sure what I’m gonna do with my trade-in though)


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