*December SOCAL Honda Leases*



Just the 18s for now. Civic/Accord 19 LXs + Sports have started arriving slowly. No point in getting a 19 unless you want it to say 19 instead of 18. Civic was refreshed this year and may be worth waiting for.


Link please, thank you.


Link please


I am trying to send the link, however it appears that I am only allowed to send it to one person in a period of time. Can a mod give me super-spam-powers so that I can send this link to everyone who is being so patient?


Link please

username @gmail.com


You should be able to respond to PM’s just not send new ones. So have people PM you for the link.


It says “Body is too similar to what you recently posted”

So I started sending out the link and naming it something different like ‘Adam Sandler but in China’ and then after 10-15 it said that I couldn’t send messages for another 16 hours.


Link Please


Link please and thank you


Link please, thanks.


Link as well and thanks!


Link please!


Link Please !


Spreadsheet please!! Thanks!


Thanks for doing this! but why don’t you just post the link?

And with that said… can I have the link please :slight_smile:


Sending link to those who message me


Link Please


Link please!


I sent you PM for the link.


Thanks for you prompt response Patrick!!

Just couple of quick questions-

Is the discount applied on Invoice or MSRP to determine selling price? Or is it a taxable rebate kind of discount. Asking beacuase I want to plug in these numbers in the calculator.