*December SOCAL Honda Leases*


I pulled the link for now. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I may create a new strategy and try something different next month.

  • No added accessories (Honda Protection Package is free)
  • Upgraded Alarm System optional
  • $595 Acquisition Fee Included
  • We do not pay brokers but welcome brokers to work with us.

*These are final prices - if you find another store to beat the price then I am glad I could help in some way and hopefully we can do business in the future.

  • If you are in SoCal please message me with your zip code and what you are interested in. I will pair you with an internet salesperson to take it from there.

  • Cannot do out-of-state deals.

  • Currently not offering any crazy deals on Insights, Accord Hybrids, or Claritys. Right now we are actually out of Claritys so Brian, please stop emailing us threatening to lease a Kia Niro if we don’t give you a better deal.

New Century Honda in Glendale


:rofl::rofl::rofl: This is hilarious… Some people are truly delusional / crazy. Seems like you took all of the advice you were given, so a warm official welcome to the marketplace. I’m jealous SoCal has all of these great dealers on here!


ahaha- tag the fool! :rofl:


A few days – the VW guys already got their sheet updated and are fighting over what is considered a unicorn deal


Please send me the link. Thanks!


please send link


Any chance you got a spreadsheet with monthly deals?


Would love the link too :slight_smile:


Please @ this dude.

You’ve got the right attitude for this place - welcome!


Hi, I’d like the link as well, thanks.


Please send a link if you’d do a deal with a Vegas resident. Thanks!


Please send me the link if you can work with norcal


Can you please send me link please? Thanks!


Welcome Honda here ! Link please


please send me the link.


Link please :slight_smile:


Link Please.



Just wait till Brian starts negotiation on the Type R…

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Link please! Will you be having 2019 Accords/Civics as well, or just 2018s?



Well at least he could threaten to go with the Veloster N now…

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