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Hello all,

My name is Daniel, and I’m a client advisor at BMW of Gwinnett Place. Please feel free to message me for any BMW needs. Our dealership has one of the largest inventory of BMW cars, including demo/factory/loaners. I would love to help!

Thank you,

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Here is our website.

Welcome… I believe you need to post a specific deal you are offering to utilize the marketplace… not a general advertisement for your business.

What’s the best deal you have currently?

Having gotten quotes from BMW Gwinnett multiple times I can’t really say that I would recommend working with them. Lack of transparency and “old-school” sales tactics that just turn me off. I actually purchased my first BMW from them back in 2013 but nothing good has come since.


Maybe this post should be moved to the Reviews section instead?

I agree. I leased from them in 2016 and tried to follow up for an aggressive deal on an m3 as my current lease is almost done. They basically ghosted on me. My request was probably too aggressive but as a former customer, and one that traveled from out of town to buy from them before, I felt like they could at least take the two minutes it takes to respond to my email.

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Welcome Daniel! About time we got some Atlanta dealer love out there.
Got 3 vehicles from United BMW/Gwinnett. Although I somehow agree with the posters that sales have changed I believe we should give OP a chance to work/advertise some deals on the forum and not post negative reviews here.

Good luck!

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Welcome! Please update your post to include a deal or two to comply with marketplace guidelines.

Thank you all for your valuable inputs. I’ll put some deals together tomorrow and post them on here.

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Please read this ad carefully.

Sales Tax NOT included.

MSD NOT included but can be applied.
Loyalty included.
College rebate NOT included but available

**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Demo 2018 BMW X3 M40i Black on Beige with 4500 miles
**MSRP: $64895
**Monthly Payment: $687.94 + tax
**Drive-Off Amount: $0 (all fees rolled into payment)
**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10000
**MF: .00177
**Residual: $37073.35
**Available Incentives: loyalty and lease rebates included

Seems high for a demo (at least for this audience) but to make more appealing, I would have fees paid upfront and max MSDs applied. Also include a link to Leasehackr Calculator so people can manipulate incentives, MSDs, sales tax, etc.