Dealerships in the NY / nj area

Can anyone recommend an Infiniti dealership in the NY trip state area? Thanks!

They all suck, but if I had to get another Infiniti again I would try Pepe in Yonkers they were the most civil, if you don’t want to do the legwork get a broker and let him deal with it.

I am familiar with NY area dealerships if you need help, lmk. Also, I have bought several cars from the Pepe auto group. Sales = Amazing, Service dept. = couldn’t be worse

Thank you! I live in northern NJ, about 30 min outside of the city. Would love help! Feel like some of these dealerships are so shady. Who would you recommend? How are the Infiniti lease programs?

i sent you a message

Hi @nyclife can you please post your experiences with various infiniti dealers in NJ and if you have any good recommendations? Thanks in advance.