Dealership still hasn't processed lease signed 7/31- what do I do? QX50

Hi All,

I signed a lease on an Infiniti QX50 on July 31st. Despite my repeated calls to the salesman and financing, I still have not received a bill. The financing guy continues to say that they are aware of an “error” in my paperwork, or that it was not yet received by Infiniti’s Corporate office, so all I need to do is sit tight until they get things sorted out. After hearing that for several weeks, I was told that they were overnighting me a copy of the paperwork to sign again so that could be sent back to Infiniti’s Corporate office. That was 10+ days ago, and I still haven’t received anything. Despite me attempting to contact the financing gentleman, he has not returned any of my calls. What do I do in this situation?

My concern is that my credit may be negatively impacted due to “nonpayment” though I haven’t received a bill, I don’t have an account number, or anything else that I could record the payment to. Do I just sit and wait until they get their act together?

The last 2 Infiniti’s I’ve done (a purchase in 2014 and a lease 2 months ago) were completely signed elctronically, aside from CA DMV docs. Something doesn’t add up.

I signed everything electronically as well, on the large display on the guy’s desk. The financing guy said, for whatever reason, the corp. office didn’t get the electronic documents, or perhaps he said that they were applied to the wrong account? I can’t remember to be honest.

Nonetheless, when I actually spoke with him last (weeks ago), he said the corp. office, as well as the management at the dealership, were aware of the issue. I’m guessing the dealership is upset because they haven’t been paid for a car they sold almost two months ago, but they can’t seem to get their act together at all. I’m stumped, and frankly, I’m the only one putting any effort into rectifying this situation. I have received zero follow-up from the dealership regarding whether I received the paperwork, whether I sent it off to the appropriate parties, or whether anything was remedied. Definitely not happy with this overall experience thus far, though I guess I’m driving a new car around for “free”.

I would suggest it’s not really your problem…yet anyway. You’ve tried to give them money but they’re too incompetent to sort it out. Providing you have some paperwork (chaser emails etc) to prove you have done your best to follow up, then I’d just sit on the lease payments until they can sort their shit out.

The dealer is going to be on the hook for the payments unless they collect money from you. Infiniti will just short them when they fund contract. The other scenario is they have you sign with the current date, hence your term will be longer and the first few months were free

Okay, thank you both for the info!

I had to re-sign a lease once. The dealer had gotten the trim wrong on the paperwork and it was rejected by the bank. It was a month later before they sorted it out, at which point the residual had decreased. So the dealer adjusted the selling price downward to get me the same monthly payment and I effectively got to use the car for free for a month.

  1. Have you called NMAC at all? If you are worried about your credit, they are the ones you should be concerned about. If the lender has not received the contract your credit cannot be affected.

  2. Escalate the issue. Contact the General Manager of the dealership. If anyone can get the employees to get in gear, it is him.

  3. Like Joe blogs said, if and when they get the contract funded, the bank will just short the dealer the payments that have already passed (or they can update the date of the contract and your lease starts today - or whenever). However, don’t just assume that the dealer will eat any payments. Just put the money in a separate bank account (or stuff it in your sock) as the payments that have been skipped will still be due. Once the contract is funded you can go the new American way which is to try and throw a fit because you were so inconvenienced and see if they will suck up the payments but in all legal respects, you owe.

In conclusion, call the GM. That will light a fire under their ass. If that doesn’t work, call the owner. Don’t worry about your credit.