Dealership loaners for cars bought through brokers

Does anyone know if i get a car through a broker, and had to bring in the car for maintenance/service will i still be able to get a loaner? or is that just a perk of buying directly from the dealership?

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You still get the car from a dealership even if a broker is involved.

Also the service guys don’t know who sold the car and where.

Getting loaners for service has nothing to do with where the car was bought and if a broker was involved or not.

Every service or warranty claim that is covered for the customer still gets paid by the manufacturer to the dealer service department. If some dealer don’t want to give you a loaner just because car was bought elsewhere, move to the next one in your area.


ok cool, i just know there is a great chance it comes from a dealership that is not that local to me, so i didnt want to be forced to use that same dealership for service.


It depends on the make of the car and/or dealer policy. I know BMW and Mercedes dealers usually don’t care where you got the car from, and will honor a loaner request. I have also read that some Land Rover stores will only schedule a loaner if you bought from them.


It’s up to each dealer, so I would check the one you intend to service your lease with.

South Florida :-1:t2::-1:t2:

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My local Volvo dealer wouldn’t give me a loaner for our first service because we didn’t buy the car there.

I hate hearing these stories :frowning:

I got my XC60 in LA thanks to @Benedetto and serviced it this last time in Escondido. It was a bit of a drive inland, but I booked an appointment a week ago, was given a loaner, perfect service all under warranty.

It used to be a given, but if loaners are important I would ask your local dealer if and under what circumstances they offer loaners before closing a deal.

For what I saved on my deal, I could easily afford an Elvis impersonator picking me up in a Limo when I drop off and return every single time. And the sales dept at every Volvo dealer south of LA were straight up clowns. :clown_face:


Yeah it sucks the ownership experience is so vastly different depending on your location. There is only 1 Volvo dealership within about a 50-60 mile range of me, so they basically tell you to pound salt if you didn’t buy the car there.

The first time I scheduled the appt they were going to charge me for the oil change and checkup, stating that they don’t have to honor the scheduled maintenance since the car was purchased elsewhere.


If Volvo is paying for the maintenance under warranty, this strikes me as double billing. And (again), WTH if you leased elsewhere and moved there. Why would I want to lease a car from you next time if you want to double dip from new customers?

With alfa romeo the local dealership did not want to give me a loaner since I leased elsewhere. Scheduled the service through alfa romeo corporate and they confirmed my loaner which was then waiting for me.

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I had no issues getting a loaner Volvo from dealers other than the one I leased from in LA

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That’s honestly just dumb, they going to start billing you for warranty work? Lol

Get the GM involved — they will be able to change that for you. People move, it’s a fact of life and it’s tarnishing to the brand when there’s inconsistency in service and loaner policy.

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