Dealership calculation $489 more than leasehackr calculator - BMW i3

Figured it out, it was how they were applying incentives. Towards drive off instead of adjusted cap cost.

Without looking at the numbers my guess would be that you’re not factoring in the dealer doc fee which the calculator assumes is $85 by default.

@MICHAELSD01 California caps dealer doc fee.

His in Vacation :frowning: coming back on Friday I think

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@Nwc89 good he needs one!

Lol I need him too

@Nwc89 can you please stop posting in Dave’s other threads harassing him? No one needs a BMW today. Be respectful of his personal life.


Didn’t we cover this already and decided it was a difference in how taxes are calculated.

@mllcb42 That’s what we decided initially, but when I was referring back to the leasehackr calculator it is accounting for taxes. Between leasematic and leasehackr I’m coming out 400$ less still.

I think it is because he is factoring rebates as down payment rather than into adjusted cap cost. Is this the proper way to apply rebates or can you do either one?

Looks like the buy rate started at .00148 then with waive acq. fee + one pay make it .00168 plus another $122 for title fees for $7067+/-

Did you ask them to put the incentive towards adjusted cap cost than drive off after you figure it out ?