Dealer's "WE OWE" form with shipping

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I am looking for an advice in regards to “we owe” form from a dealer.
The form overall looks good and includes all the car details and it says the car is new. Under “Name of item” it has "shipping to " and “nothing else promised or implied buyers int.”

Who would be responsible if the car is damaged during the shipping? Does “new” mean the car should be delivered in new condition without scratches and damages?
Anything else I should be concerned about?

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The shipping company should be responsible. Who goes after the shipping company depends on who hired them. “New” just means it hasn’t been titled.

It becomes interesting. I pretty much have to sing a lease before they ship and they only thing I am going to have is this “we owe” form.
If I understand correctly, at this point the car belongs to me and the dealer doesn’t really owe me anything apart from delivering a car to me in any condition. Right?

You will have a form called the Bill of Lading(BOL) - that is originally filled out w/ the dealer and the driver when the vehicle is picked up.

If the BOL indicates no damage but the car shows up with damage, the shipping company is responsible.

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Thank you!
I didn’t really want to own a car before it is delivered, but it seems like there is no way around it.

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Landing or Lading?

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Why not fly up and drive home?

Out of curiousity you expected them to ship a car either on their cost or yours two states away on the hope that you decide it’s not for you after all once it gets there? No dealership is going to do that with maybe a few high dollar type exceptions.

No dealer will send a car to you before you sign the documents.

Got a Volvo en route with no paperwork signed yet…

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Is it coming from two states away or is it coming with a salesperson to complete the transaction? A little context would help.

It’s coming from 2 states away with a driver filled with other vehicles. Doubt they shipped a salesman with the car.

Yes, they are shipping it on their cost from WA to CA. Well, the cost is mine in the end, but I got a better deal like that.
The documents are sent via FedEx to me, I have to sign them and return. Then the car will be shipped with a shipping company.

I didn’t expect them to send a car before I sign all the financial documents, but I was expecting a bit more in the “we owe” form. For example that they owe me a car in a new condition (undamaged, unaltered, etc…)

You shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I would say about 99% of the deals work that way.

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That would be the responsibility of the shipper and not the dealer…you can ask the dealer to send you photos once the vehicles is on the truck. It’s not in their interest to send you a damaged vehicle. From their standpoint it’s hard to take liability when they fulfilled the obligation to get it on the truck. The liability now transfers over to the shipper and the insurance company of the shipper.

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