Dealers denying lease returns because it can negatively affect them?

Anyone ever heard of this? I read on another forum a story of someone trying to schedule a turn-in of their Volt lease, and the person contacted 5 dealerships in their area and got the same “Sorry, no space” excuse from each one.

Then someone posted that dealers are expected to convert a certain % of lease returns into a new sale, which is the reason these dealers are refusing to accept that person’s Volt return…if they don’t purchase a new vehicle from them, it could drag down their conversion % enough to disqualify that dealership from some end of year bonuses.

Is this actually true? Or are dealers simply not wanting to be bothered by lease returns during the last week of sales for this year?

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This is strange, if true. The car belongs to finance company, so they must take car back from you through a dealer, whether dealer wants it or not. This should be between them. Dealers do not have to keep lease returns and bank then sends cars to auctions. But who knows about theirs arrangements.

Isn’t the selling dealer obligated to take it back? Never heard of others refusing since flipping the car as a CPO is an opportunity for them but I guess they are not obligated to.

I can see them not wanting to take back Volts :slight_smile:

I believe the dealer that sold (leased) the car has to take it back. But if you leased from a far-away dealer and want to just dump it at your local dealer, I guess they aren’t required. Or they can at least make BS excuses to not take it.

and this top secret forum is?