Dealers demanding other dealers quotes

So I just leased a car and see another similar car I’d like from another dealer. Because why not.

Dealer 2 seems very interested in seeing the other quote. I don’t want to screw dealer 1 in case the deal is not appreciated by the manufacturer.

  1. What can I wipe out on the screen shot so they don’t have any issues?
  2. Also will it potentially create issues for dealer 1 if the screenshot is shared even with the name blanked out?

JMO, so keep that in mind. I would not “wipe out” anything, just because I have ABSOLUTELY 0 loyalty to any dealer. It doesn’t make one bit of difference to me if what you are talking about causes issues with dealer #1. New/used car sales and leasing is a very competitive business and I have no problem pitting 1 dealer against another. How many of said dealerships have put the screws to a customer? There are those who are going to disagree with me, and that is ok by me. Again, just my opinion. You do what you are comfortable with.


Your dilemma could be avoided if all dealers offered the same or similar price. But you can get vastly different quotes on the same car from different dealers so it makes sense to exchange deals and try to secure the best one for yourself.

That being said, if the dealer 2 matches the offer and won’t move, I typically go with dealer #1 just for helping me out first and stuff. Always try to get a better deal not matching deal when playing between dealers.

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You don’t have to redact anything. If you prefer the other car just send the full quote.

To be clear I already leased car 1. I would like to also lease car 2. And to be honest, I think I would go back to dealer 1 in the future for another car since he’s done right by me.

Anyway I don’t want to debate all that. I literally want to know if the dealer 1 can actually be negatively impacted if I share a quote and what I specifically need to redact to make sure that doesn’t happen if it is the case. Hope that makes some sense.

No, they can give it away for free. Some may not have the ability to advertise at a certain threshold but this isn’t advertising they gave you a quote/contract and they didn’t make you sign a non-disclosure.


Ask dealer 1 if they would be willing to give you another at same deal and if they’ll get the one you want at dealer 2 for you.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t

Yeah well dealer 1 doesn’t have inventory I don’t see. And I really want this second one now. Sweet options and the thought of

I sent the info to dealer 2 who is not responding now. They think you’re bluffing and when you actually go in on the hand they don’t follow through unfortunately.

One interested thing I just found out about why they ask for the quote is to ensure they can match factory incentives. I was told they can go back to corporate to get higher lease cash approved on a one off basis if they are facing a competitive bid with a dealer in a different region who may have higher incentives by default. Corporate requires documentation for that, thus why they want the actual quote.


dealer 1 doesn’t have it, but they can get it. its called a dealer swap. i would ask, personally.

Woah. Now that’s something.

Also known as dealer trade