Dealer will only take personal check or cash for down payment?

I have a near deal with a Hyundai dealer for a new lease of a 2022 Kona. I was just talking to them about final steps and was told that they only take cash or personal check for the down payment, and won’t take a certified check from my credit union. Does that make sense or sound normal? I haven’t written a personal check in 12 years, don’t want to carry around a few thousand in cash.

Typically checks that credit unions write to dealers have a 20 day period where the money is held, so a lot of dealers do not the fact that they have to wait for the money to clear.

Use CC, if they don’t accept, call CC. But why put money upfront?

What’s CC? I’m using the cash from the sale of my current Kona to put down to keep my monthly payments lower.

Yes use a cc- credit card. Also if any issues come up or funny business- you have the credit card company in your back pocket for disputes.

Also, don’t put money down just to get the payment lower. If the car is totaled that money is gone. Put the money in a separate account and just draw from that. No sense paying now just to have a lower monthly when in the end it may save you $100 over 3 years in interest.

Credit card. I used it for some up front fees on my last 2 leases.

That assumes the dealer is willing to take a cc

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If a dealer isn’t willing to accept a credit card, find another dealer. In this day and age, credit card fees are nothing in the grand scheme of things for a dealership especially part of a larger automotive firm. It’s a write off for them anyway.

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Thanks everyone! This is very helpful.

Most dealers will take up to $3000. I always recommend using a cc for msds to my clients so they get points/miles. Some captives have ccs that will get you even more discounts

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Write off or not, it’s an expense that eats into a profit. Just because it’s an expense, it doesn’t justify anything. Expenses are money lost.


I’d imagine with Hyundai margins are tight, maybe not so much now but that might be that stores policy. 2% of a couple million adds up…I don’t accept PayPal for my broker fee for that reason among others. I won’t pay cc companies to business or I will have to raise my fee 3%. Then you have the scumbags that will dispute it and hurt you even more. Cc companies always initially side with the consumer.

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