Dealer trying to pull a fast one

So I’m currently in discussion with a dealership on a new equinox. Based off the calculator the selling price he’s giving me and the incentives I have my monthly payment should be $299 but he is saying that the only way to get there is by doing 39 months instead of the 36 I wanted, and as you see from the screenshot if I did 36 months the payment is way more even though he is claiming the money factor and residual is exactly what I’m asking for. What kind of game is he playing here? He also stated that lease calculators are entirely inaccurate that everyone uses after I told him I’m calculating the numbers on my end.

99.9% of the time, it isn’t the dealer pulling a fast one, but user error on the calculator


What are the fees and sales tax percentage? I am assuming the fees/taxes in the calculator are the default numbers. I have found that in my state, the calculator can be off by $5-$10/mo based on how rebates, down payment, and fees are taxed. So while it is a good tool, I would not use it as gospel. Edit - I see you also have $1864 due at signing on the calculator. You can to add a negative value to the down payment to try and line up the due at signing amounts.

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Ignoring that your fees are incorrect (user error), if you click the “zero drive off” button on the calculator, you get a monthly payment of $354.

The dealer quote shows “$340-360” with $0 das. Pretty sure $354 falls squarely in between $340 and $360.

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