Dealer sale price different for lease vs. outright sale?

Hello Hackrs,

I did several searches but couldn’t find the answer I’m looking for so please forgive me if this has been asked before.

Is it common for the dealerships advertised sale price to not apply to leases? I’m pricing out some options for my next lease and see huge discounts from 15-21% on some new trucks and I just want to be sure that price is valid if you lease vs. buying outright.


Many advertised sales prices include every incentive under the sun, which many you won’t qualify for and some are lease or purchase specific.


Ok. Thank you!

Also, as a dealer I can tell you that it all depends on which lease program they work the lease. Most of manufacturers are going to take back the rebates if you go to one of their special leasing programs. At that point you can consider using the rebates and leasing thru a 3rd party like Ally or US Bank.

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Just remember, there’s a reason why every dealer has an asterisk saying they’re not responsible for any errors in pricing. It’s not a coincidence.


Again, as a dealer you just gotta find a reputable sales person that will be honest and help you get a deal.Of course, you gotta start by finding a dealer that has great reviews.

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You should be fine as long as you’re a military vet, college grad, have conquest AND loyalty at your address, and eligible for employee pricing.