Dealer recommendation for Highlander XLE, NV, AZ or CA

Looking for a hassle free transaction that mimics the current front page deal. Does anyone have a contact they can recommend in Arizona, Southern California or Nevada. Thank you.

The front page deal is for LE FWD. So XLE may be a different ball game.

XLE can be had for around 300

Frontpage deal shows residuals for all models, I’m looking for a recommended dealer that doesn’t want to play games.

Any luck finding a good dealer in AZ?

No good luck. I went to Findlay Toyota in Las Vegas today. I posted my expierence on the front page and pasting below.

After a pretty outrageously marked up first offer I finally got them to agree to most terms and even had sale price down almost 10%. The deal fell apart when they claimed no understanding of MSD and when I showed them info from Toyota they did their research and said MSD’s don’t work on promotional rates only the standard rate. Any truth to that?