Dealer quote and my calculator mismatch


Had a Dealer give me the following quote for a 2019 X3 M40i:

MSRP: 66170
Discount: 7000
Sale Price: 59170
Incentives: 2000 lease + 750 conquest + 1000 OL code
MF 0.00205 (down to 0.00170 after 7x MSDs, marked up and not ideal but beats having to ship from california)
699.37/month, 8500 up front to cover MSDs + fees + taxes

Putting this in to the leasehackr calculator, I get $699 with 8391 (4900 msds + 3491 drive-off). My own spreadsheet gives this, as well

After running through previous numbers they gave me where it looked like they didn’t add the cap cost reduction taxes to the up front, it looks like they’re rolling all of the fees and taxes into the lease and then applying my up front payment (incl MSDs) as a capital cost reduction, cause me to get charged an extra 110 dollars in taxes? Is that how up front fees are handled or is this just dealers not knowing how to handle MSDs or people paying fees up front? Is broken? Am I being too pedantic?

Here’s a copy of the lease worksheets they gave me before I told them to raise the up front to 8400 showing me how they do their math:

This was their last offer, they didn’t send me the worksheet (i wonder why), but this is with 8500 up front incl 4900 for MSDs:

Funky math going on there and this isn’t even mentioning the jacked up MF!

This is where you should be at with a normal MF, jacked up MF adds $40/mo…

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Yup, both LeaseHackr and my own spreadsheet gave me 595 before tax (657 with WA sales tax) before the max marked up MF. I brought it up, they gave me the stuff about “deep discount” and “this is our cost center since you’re probably not going to be coming to us for oil changes”. The marked up money factor will cost me 1,440 over the course of the lease, but this likely one of the biggest discounts I can get up in the NW without going down to SoCal (which requires shipping of at least 900 bucks). There was a dealer a few hours away from this one that offered me 7% off MSRP with base MF, I guess I can counter with 9% and see where they go.

I haven’t agreed on this price with them yet, but did call out the difference between my numbers and theres in that they’re rolling everything into the lease and then considering all of my up front a cap cost reduction (and so as a result, i’m getting taxed on registration fees).

Honestly, I’m not in a rush so whatever, if there’s some bad math going on here, I should just take that as warning signs even if the difference between my numbers and their’s is about 120 bucks.

And you’re supposed to sign that piece of crap because you feel bad for their bottom line? They will make their bones on the next 50 knuckleheads that walk in to get bent over. Don’t reward these shell games by patronizing them.

Also, Why ship it when plane ticket and drive home over a weekend is cheap?


Heck no. Don’t go for that MF. Won’t come for oil changes? Oil changes are included with bmw service for 3 years anyways.

The ‘19 model year is coming to an end. BMW is offering s Tom if support to move them.

I bet you could get another dealer to roll taxes and the shipment from socal in and get a better deal.

Ok, I think two things are happening here:

  1. I’m insisting to the dealer that I want paying tax on rebates, acq/doc fees, and registration fees up front. There’s a forum wide debate on that and I’m up in the air about it and might go back and just ask to roll all the fees in and I’ll just pay MSDs up front (which will probably go to 5950 with the MF they’re offering). Their original offer (not posted here) had fees/taxes rolled in. I didn’t want to finance that stuff at the marked up MF but if they lower the MF, I’ll consider rolling it all in.

  2. They’re marking up the MF to 0.00205 and using the 10.58% discount off MSRP to justify it. I agree with you guys all that this is pretty lame, so you guys think it’s not out of the ordinary to get 12% nowadays on a X3 M40i down in SoCal (to offset the cost of shipping & travel)?

Should be doable to get 12%, sure.

Seattle is a notoriously uncompetitive BMW environment. I’ve heard of some folks getting luck up here in Bellevue with the right timing, otherwise better luck in Portland (either at Kuni or BMW Portland). Even then, you’re likely to have an easier time negotiating with a SoCal dealer.

FYI, the difference in the math is because the Leasehackr calculator (and my original calculator) don’t consider paying fees up front as capital cost reductions and in Washington, that’s taxed. Their math was right, the MF is still off.

Anyways, I’ll work on getting the MF down to buy rate and see what’s up.

They came back with the buy rate MF so I’m going to pick it up Saturday.

MSRP: 66170
Discount: 7000
Sale Price: 59170
Incentives: 2000 lease + 750 conquest + 1000 OL code
MF 0.00165 (down to 0.00130 after 7x MSDs, marked up and not ideal but beats having to ship from california)
656.37/month, fees, cap cost taxes, and first month up front

Thanks for the help!

Much better and good job on cracking 1% on this!