Dealer offer on 2019 C300 4MATIC

From my calculations its a pretty good offer, its a fart car with 9000 on it, MSRP of 54995 even has AMG package
Dealer is selling for 44000, RV and MF are 53/.00052 1750+500 incentives. For 36 months 12k miles, dealer is offering me 400 dollars per month only first month payment due at signing.
Time to sign??

20% on a 9,000 mile loaner?

I would definitely go for some more discount.

how much would you try to go realistically?

Can’t get the calculator to match my payment, seems like a good deal so far. Will probably sign it

I would go for much higher than that.

Your RV is getting affected by the large amount of miles.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know Mercedes that well. However, there seems to be room for a lot higher discount especially with the mileage. Maybe somebody else should chime in?


Maybe a true Trusted Hackr would know better than I do. I suggest he try to get 5-7% more.

Trusted Hackrs know the best discount you can get is: the best discount you can get. :poop:


Looks like he signing then lol

Not a bad deal, just not a great one with mileage that is already on car.

Well, I will work more off for you then :smile:

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Mileage is kind of high, but $400/mo (does that include tax?) w/ only first month for a heavily optioned car at 12K mi per year looks pretty good to me. ::shrug::

I’m curious to see the deal sheet. I wonder if any of the numbers you gave are incorrect or what I’m missing here since I can’t get the math to add up.

Looking at this blindly, if it turns out to be the $400/month your claiming I say nice deal!

Are you sure it’s not 56% RV and mileage dropped it down to 53% with DAS first month, taxes and fees?

Taxes are in payment for sure, also all numbers are from Edmunds

I would try to find one with lower mileage The impact of 9k miles on the residual will negate a big chuck of sales price discount. Plus you will probably have to do service B twice which is pretty hefty.

I would definitely push for a total discount around 32% if not more including incentives. This is the last month for support on 2019. It was supposed to be last month but I believe they extended it.

All of my Mercedes has been at least 25% off if they were a loaner. At this time of the year for a 2019, it shouldnt be hard to pass that mark

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