(Dealer no longer honoring discount) 21% off pre-incentive $42k 2020 BMW X2 (retired loaner) up for grabs

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Was working a deal for my brother-in-law and he walked away from it at the last minute. Dealer said they’d still honor 21% off pre-incentive. Strong deal as it is, even stronger if you have some other incentives to stack on top + MSDs.

Offering it up to the community. If interested, please message me. Only serious inquiries only; and be ready to sign ASAP. Dealer is in the Washington DC area.

Offer is solely on this X2, won’t apply across the board.

…and see if you can smoothly eke out an extra percentage point or two as you progress through the deal. It’s there.


Nice! What was your payment on the deal before walking?

sub 400, zero down (all rolled), zero msds, zero loyalty, and crappy md taxes on sales price (rolled).

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Not bad, add loyalty and MSDs, you can get under $350. Solid deal for someone wanting a x2.

@Sukiface Do you know if the X2 has less than 5k miles? I saw a demo at a different dealer that had a similar discount but it had just over 5k miles, making it ineligible for other rebates (loyalty, Penfed, etc). Can you confirm approximate mileage?


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I wouldn’t have posted the deal if it weren’t leasable. Miles are 4,900.


Over 5k miles is still leasable, it just gets to be a lot more expensive.

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Yes, I know. Leasable in terms of being able to apply incentives.

Assuming buy rate on MF, max MSDs, loyalty rebate, and dealer fees paid upfront, I’m getting $309/month for 36/10, excluding state taxes.


Another Sukiface December BMW deal! Man has some negotiating chops.

Lucky Decembers. Good timing! Thanks, dude. Hope all is well with you!

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Im interested. Do you think it can fit a rear facing carseat?

Hey, Chuck.

I’m still waiting to hear from some folks that reached out. I’ll get back to you should the people ahead of you not end up working out.

As for the carseat, It should work. I had a rear facing carseat in a 3 series. It’s almost like no matter how big the car, is the rear facing seats take up all the room. Also, depending on the brand, some will fit better than others. We had the nuna, which was nice and slim, but now in the Britax, which feels like a monster in comparison. I don’t think the Britax would have fit all too well in the 3 series, for example.

X2 is not a good choice for someone with an RF child


Please provide more specifications on X2? Color and options. Seeking XC40 in DC area, may consider X2.

Thanks for asking, but deal is no longer available. The title is updated.