Dealer incentive on ID4


I am looking to buy VW ID4 in norcal region. After browsing the forum I found out that I can lease the car to get 7.5k EV incentive and then buyout the lease after some time. Even though the lease terms of VW finance are bad, it wont matter much as I will end up buying out my lease. I am talking to multiple dealers and the best deal I can get is 3.5k in dealer incentive on top of 7.5k EV lease benefit(for all trims). So the total cost benefit is 11k. Didnt go into other details like RV and MF as I am planning to buy. Wanted to check with the experts here if this is a good deal or I should push more ?
Is there a way to get bigger incentive for a worst MF ?


8% - 9.5% off MSRP. It’s a good deal. If your region does not have multiple seasons, then go for the RWD. Lower MF. .00310 vs .00353.

Do you qualify for the federal tax credit if you purchase/finance it?

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This. Saves you the lease acq and purchase option fees if you do qualify. Likely get better interest rate if you shop around.

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No I do not qualify for EV credit if I purchase/finance. Thats why exploring the lease buyout route.


I am in the same boat trying to get an id4, and I want to lease / buy out to take advantage of the fed tax credit. When I looked in February the dealerships I contacted all still had “market price adjustments” of 5k or more.
Do you mind sharing which NorCal dealerships are discounting the car?

If you can find a 2022 you’ll save more as the sticker price is lower. My 2022 Pro S was 4k cheaper on sticker then I got the 4K off that. I think 3.5k off a 2023 is really good.

2022 ID4 models do not qualify for fed credit if you are financing it. Only 2023 and above as per IRS site.

You get the $7500 off if you lease it and buy out the lease on a 2022