Dealer error on paperwork in my favor - what to do?

Leased a car in the last month. Got a call today saying they messed up the overage amount - is supposed to be $0.25 per mile but my paperwork says $0.20. So they want me to initial the edit to $0.25.

I’m not overly worried about going over my millage, but at the same time I’m not sure what compelling reason I have to agree to their request.

The dealer claimed “it’s $0.25 whether you sign it or not”, to which I responded “then why do you need me to sign it?” Didn’t get an answer to that one…

What say ye hackers - what would you do in this situation?

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It’s a legally binding contract after both the buyer and seller signs the dotted line and take delivery. Either you can refuse and ask for compensation or return the lease since it will be breach of contract. I doubt the dealer would want your car back since it’s titled, miles, wear and tear

Since the funding didn’t and won’t go through, the car dealership still owns the car. You can either give it back to them or come to an agreement with some concessions. A lot of people who got in early on the Hellcats deals went through this, so you can ask them what they were able to get. @Ed_Churchward

100% what Jon said. If your contract wont get funded you will not get the car. Just sign the new form, everyone makes a mistake every now and then. No need to be an A@@ about it and possibly get someone fired or in trouble with their boss.

While it is clearly not a directly comparable experience, but in 2001 I leased a Mercedes E430 from a dealer in New Jersey. I lived in New York, so they immediately issued temporary plates and I drove off with the car after completing all the paperwork.

About a week later, I received a call from the dealer indicating the salesman had made a pricing error and that I would be required to pay an additional $2,000. I refused and they said my other option was to return the car and to pay for the “wear and tear:”

I refused and said that until receiving proper written notice by certified mail, I will continue under the assumption that the lease is in effect as signed. And if they want to rescind the lease deal, they would have to first refund all monies paid by me and provide proper documentation via certified mail terminating the lease and assuming any and all liability that might arise in association with the transaction, at which time I would allow them to pick up the car in New York City.

Over two months went by, the temporary plates expired (though I never received a ticket for the expired plates), and despite several calls from the dealership demanding the return of the car, I simply said that had to resolve the matter per the options I gave them.

Eventually, the dealer processed the lease and the funny thing is because of the way they handled it, I only had to pay 22 months of payments as it seems the dealer ended up paying MBFS for the two months of payments while they were trying to get the car back from me (presumably because they had lease documents signed two months before submission and could not figure a way to resolve that issue).

TLDR: Stand your ground and ask for compensation if they want to alter the deal.

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Totally agree. They don’t ask for anything from OP and 20 or 25 cents should not matter because it was not a deal breaker in the first place.


Dealer made a tax mistake on mine, as the local taxes increased by a lil bit. told me to come in and resign. Been dealing with the sales person for many years and didnt want to ruin relationship, signed and everyone was happy.