Dealer damaged my leased car....What do I do?

I recently leased a GLC300 from MB of Stevens Creek. There were a few scratches and a dent that I didn’t initially notice when I signed.

When we went to pick up the car, it had scratches and dents all over and the dealer said they would take care of it. I gave the car into service the 2nd week of January and I didn’t hear back for another two weeks.

I call them in February asking what was the status and they tell me that there was an incident at their shop that damaged my front bumper and they would need to replace it.

I was furious as to why they wouldn’t call me and tell me immediately. The service rep said he called but I didn’t pick up. I asked why he didn’t leave a voicemail and he said he had probably called the wrong number. I felt that was being very sketchy and called my sales rep to figure out what happened.

After a few days, they didn’t know how it happened or who did it but assured me that it’ll be fixed. Fast forward to last week, I go to pick up the car and they are two large gashes on the rear bumper…I told him I dont want the car anymore and wanted to return it because this was ridiculous. Those gashes weren’t there when I signed the car

They said I couldn’t return the car anymore and that they would fix it. At this point, the car has been in their possession for over a month and I do not know what my options are.

I asked the sales manager for a down payment back or at the very least, one month payment compensating me for the entire time it was in their possession, but the most he was willing to offer was a $300 gift card to the gift store…after talking to his GM.

If anyone has a similar experience or has any advice, I’d love to hear them!

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You still took the deal after finding out it had 4K miles on it? Has the car ever left the dealership?

I found out it had 4K miles on it in financing…it was a lease anyway so I didn’t really care. It was nighttime so I didn’t see the dent and scratches on it.

The car was used as a “brass hat”. So the GM was allowed to drive it and take it out for personal stuff.

I means since you signed. Said differently have you ever taken possession of the car?

Yes, I had it for about two week, until the date of the service appointment. We scheduled that immediately. Just took a while to find a date where I could get a loaner

Should of did ur due diligence and looked the car over regardless if it was at night or came back the next day to sign off on it. Unfortunately they found “their person” to bite on the car. U signed ur stuck with it. Ridiculous? Yes. They should compensate you for at least the month it’s been in their possession. Best of luck.

You leased a loaner…”GM/Manager driven” is a marketing spin.

The lease contract would have shown the mileage and the RV would have been reduced, so you have some fault here for not reading.

You can try to reach out to MB Financial about the situation since the dealer seems far from helpful or submit a claim to the CFPB since it’s technically a new car.

If they have really held your car for a month I would think you would at least be entitled to that. What is your monthly?

Guys, read the post.

The dealer damaged the car while it was in service to fix prior dings.

They caused additional damage while they took the car to fiix PREVIOUS damage.

At the very least, they should compensate him one months payment for keeping the car that long due to their mistake.

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Ok, but the problem started when he took a car with 4K miles on it sight unseen.

Does he still have the loaner and is it a comparable car? If so, although not fair, probably not much you can do here. On the positive side, he’s not putting any miles on his car.

Okay so I should have been more clear. The problem is not the miles. I got 20% off the MSRP. I’m not complaining about that.

The dealership damaged the car while in service. And they did fix it but they didn’t tell me about. They tried to hid it. They didn’t how who or how the damage happened. They ended up having to replace the whole front bumper…

He didn’t buy it unseen…he said multiple times he inspected it and they said they would fix it.

Then, they damaged it FURTHER. AND LIED.

Did they provide a loaner? If so, what is it?

A little odd to edited your OP and remove everything about not being aware it had 4K miles on it and said you assumed it was “new”. That’s kind of important to the whole story and now it’s “scratches and a dent” you didn’t notice.

Who doesn’t look over a $40-50K “used” vehicle with a fine tooth comb before legally committing to take it?

You seem to want to completely avoid any blame in this situation.


Yeah I edited that because that’s not the issue. I was compensated for the 4K miles. And the scratches could be fixed with a detail. That’s why I bought it.

The CONCERN: they damaged my car while it was being detailed. They had to replace the WHOLE front bumper…

This isn’t the place to get any constructive advice about an issue like this. Best bet would be to contact a lawyer and sort it out through them.

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For the third time, do you have a loaner from them? You leased a loaner so a comparable replacement should be easy to provide.

How is a dent something addressed with a simple detail? Your story is all over the place. You should have said I’ll leave a refundable deposit, and will sign the contract and pick up the car when that’s done, not drive a damaged car off the lot and make an appointment for 2 weeks later.

I got a loaner, same car. This car has an amg night package with 21 inch wheels.

dent can be fixed during the detail… I’m not really concerned of what happened when I bought the car because I’m aware of that and they were small scratches. The damaged that occurred in their possession was much more substantial

So the loaner that you are driving now is better than the car you leased? I’d let them keep it as long as they want lol.


Ok, so you have the same (but better) car with free mileage currently? Sounds terrible.

Bumpers get replaced all the time since they can easily crack and not uncommon for cars to get damaged at dealerships.

It’s a leased car, so unless you planned on buying it out at the end, it doesn’t seem like a big deal and just a slight inconvenience. A $300 gift card seems like a nice gesture for the situation.

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No mine is AMG lol. Theirs is a base GLC