Dealer cant explain his numbers...any solution?

I came across a couple of dealers that once we agreed on price, they offer ridiculously high monthly payments as part of the lease. When questioned about their numbers, they said it is what the computer says, but it doesn’t make sense. I see the breakdown with extra fees as well as additional charges for miles (in loaner cars), but it is impossible to agree with them on the monthly payments. Is walking away the only solution? It is disappointing to waste all that time negotiating the sale price, just to walk away. It happened to me with more than one dealer.

I would plug all of the numbers into a lease calculator, take a screenshot and send it to them. Say this is what I would like to do. Can you do it or not?

Don’t use the lease calculator from here though, because it will probably have a negative effect if they see you are trying to “hack” your lease. Use a well-recognized site, such as

We feel your pain. Logic and numbers don’t always work with dealers since they rely on emotion and diversions to get you to pay up. Don’t worry about walking away. They will get back to you lol. The BMW dealer has been hounding me since I walked away from his ridiculous 400 a month lease offer for a 328d.

Thats nothing new, its a standard trick. Prepare to walk away. They know ppl can afford some payment or ask you how much you are willing to pay and tailor the numbers based on it.

The idea behind not giving numbers is to ensure that they provide less discount or increase money factor. To be frank you should never go to a dealer unless you have all the numbers and they agree to it. Once you are there in show room , it is assumed that you will take the car and pay whatever they quote. They will just bear on you take it.

That looks ok, one salesman in pacificbmw told me 320 series is spartan and good for nothing. He egged me on saying real ppl buy 500 series!
I chuckled and asked him the numbers he also gave me 400+ for 320i. Guess what initially he tried to sell me demo car for the same price.

How is that hacking? It does the same thing as their system, but in a different way. All lease calculators should give you the same end result. I, personally, like You just need to know to add your tax to “Costs added to lease” instead of entering tax for states that charge tax on the full price (VA, TX,etc.)

It’s not, but it could have a negative psychological effect on the salesperson and cause them to push back harder.