Deal Review: 2020 BMW x3 M40i


Here is the calc:

MSRP: $64420
Selling Price: $57426
10.9% off MSRP
Incentives: Fleet/Lease Cash/OL

DAS: $4,598 + 7 MSDs
Monthly: $568

Sign this now?

Crushed it in a sellers market. Textbook all the way around. Enjoy.

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Great deal - I’m looking for a loaded X3 30i and this gives me hope.

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Didn’t even really have to grind it out!

Does that mean there is more to squeeze out :slight_smile:

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Probably. I think I’m going to take this. It’s a great price on the ride we want.

I may not be able to sign this today.

If there’s interest, could set a fellow member up with the deal. Vehicle needs to be signed and delivered by 7pm. DM me. New Jersey dealer.

I got mine almost a year ago.
with 2k @ sign plus loyalty and OL. 36x12 $501 plus tax.

Mazel tov! I’m sure, since you’re “in the biz” you probably understand how programs change over time!

I gave you my numbers just as a reference.
I would focus more on that 57.4 selling price… maybe 53? but then again every deal is good if you are happy with the payment👍

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What ever happened with this?

My buddy took it. Delivered Saturday.

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I should have took it. Now I’m out here trying to beat that deal for myself.

Decent deal given the current environment. I had to get mine out of state 2 months ago since dealers in jersey didn’t want to budge much. Hopefully you’ll be able to find another one!

I’d kill to find a demo.

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Hi guys, Brand new member and it looks like I am unable to post a new thread yet but I can reply to existing ones. Trying to help my younger sister out. I have already kept her from leasing a Macan, and a Velar or RR Sport.

I drive a 2020 SQ5 that I leased 7 months ago and she likes the SQ5 but the offers and inventory are poor right now so I am thinking 2020 X3 M40i might lease well. How are the current August 2020 rate sheets looking from BMWFS?

Thanks so much

If you are looking for residual, money factor, and/or incentives, you should check the Edmunds message boards.

Oh…I had no idea Edmunds had a forum.

See here:

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Thanks so much mf44, greatly appreciated.

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