[DEAL PENDING] 2019 740i xdrive M Sport 22 months $678 plus tax. $1000 down plus BMW transfer fee


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 740i xDrive M Sport
Location: Pennsylvania

Exterior: Black Sapphire Metallic
Interior: Black Dakota Leather
Monthly Payment: $678.90 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $500 BMW lease transfer fee. $1000 to me.
MSDs: $0
Months Left: 22
Current Mileage: 2,450
Original Contract Total Miles: 21,025
Miles for rest of the term: 18,500 approximately
Original Term Length: 24 Months
Lease Start Date: 05/01/2019
Lease End Date: 05/01/2021
Residual Value: $56,331.55
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Should be easy to transfer out. Why the transfer ?

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6 days is all it took to realize you wanted a 5 series instead? :wink:

Haha. You guys see my posts. You know by now I get in and out of them very quickly! I enjoy the hunt and the chase.

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… but in all seriousness the seven is an amazing car. Traded an M6 for it. Super comfortable and reasonably engaging. Nothing like a big body sedan!

Try car max and apps ?

Nah. I’d rather see somebody else score a good deal here on this forum. If not, I’ll hang on to it as part of the collection. The nice thing about these short leases is BMW almost always has an early pull ahead offer. And the pull aheads are sometimes even more aggressive on the 7 Series. And they allow you to use up all of the miles.

Bmw rarely does pull aheads…mercedes has the constant pull ahead


Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky. In my experience BMW often has some sort of pull ahead offer running. I have also used the Mercedes pull ahead program on many occasions.

Real pull aheads are rare for BMWFS. At least in western region

A little off topic but I have wondered with a pull ahead can you use all the allotted miles or is it prorated for the month you turn it in?

In theory, it would depend on the specific program that is running… in practice, yes. All pull aheads I’ve seen (be they through BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, etc.) allow you to use all of the allotted miles when utilizing the pull ahead program to turn in the car early for a new lease. Which means if you have, as an example, a 36 month 10k mile per year lease, and you use a true pull ahead program to get out at month 33, you can use up all the miles early (effectively giving you more miles per year than you purchased).


Good to know. :grinning:

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Anyone seen a pull ahead in SoCal? I’m at month 33 and about to go over on miles :slight_smile:

Even better example with 9 months on Volvo :slight_smile:

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Volvo usually has the best pull ahead program. Bar none.

XC60/90 only gives 6 months.

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Yet another reason I’m a big body sedan kind of guy!

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Feel free to PM me.

Down money reduced from 1500 to 1000! Post updated. Thanks LH.