Deal on Toyota Rav4

$226 is not your final number. Please get a proper quote from a dealer first so you can compare. Include all the fees and taxes and 0 DAS to compare quotes correctly.

Did you test drive the car? Are you OK with LE trim?

For the suggestions.

Q50 3.0 comes to my mind. I had g37x before and loved it.

Also check BMW deals on this forum.

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How much are you actually going to drive being resident as living/sleeping/eating at hospital?:slight_smile:

Also $229 with $2k security deposit is not the same as $329.
Security deposit comes back at the end of the lease. Paying $329 goes out of the pocket forever.


OP is referencing security deposits, which sounds like he spoke with @Jrouleau426 and that’s the deal. Sometimes people just need or want an “appliance” for a car, which the RAV 4 clearly is, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Also, from a professional standpoint there’s a big difference between a first year resident rolling up to the hospital in a “sensible” New, reliable car and something that appears ostentatious, even if they got a good deal on it.


OP does deserve all the deals but currently in the wrong timeframe to get them.
BMW sale is over so as QX60.
My QX60 payment required MSD and Conquest.
BMW required MSD, Loyalty, OL plus other DAS. So With just MSD you are going above $300 on a 3 series which is nowhere near best deals posted.


OP refers to $226 in the estimator tool. See the first post. I haven’t seen the actual numbers so far on RAV4 and it would make more sense to see them in a calculator…

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For reference see May post @Jrouleau426 where he has posted RAV4 for $250 plus tax, DMV and his broker fee. Call it $1k DAS roughly.
That can be done any day of the week as far as I know.
And after moving to the new city spending time negotiating deals isn’t usually the first priority.

What else for that money OP should be looking at?
QX60 sale was end of last year and it over. BMW was over end of April. What’s left?

If you have any MS debt, get something cheaper. Corolla, Elantra, Forte, etc.

It’s not just the lease payments. Insurance, gas, etc it all adds up.

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226 with 2000 mds is the number per the excel sheet provided by Jim for the XLE rav 4.

Don’t forget you also would need to pay sales tax, broker fee and registrations fee.

Yeah so realistically I should have my budget below 250 a month.

Payment per months is not your only number. Due at singing play big role in that too. Think about your budget for DAS also.
As it says you can lease Ferrari for $99 per mo the if you put enough due at singing:)

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What is “mds”? Are you talking about MSD or DAS?

It’s a Hybrid of the two. Don’t you know ?? :crazy_face:

Yeah but that’s only available on the RAV 4 Hybrid :joy:


multiple security deposits per the excel sheet jim sent me

How much is DAS other than the $2k MSD?

First months payment is all that’s due at signing on all my deals. Which I’m waiving this month. So nothing. The corolla leases at about the same price as the rav le. He’s moving to philly from Texas so cold weather and snow. He needs an suv!

The first sentence in my ad explains my pricing. I can’t be any clearer that all my deals are just first payment down plus msds if you choose.

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With all due respect, it is very clear to me but not to him that he still needs to account for these per your ad.

That’s sounds about $1k. Have to pay that at some point somehow. Or am I also not reading this correctly?

That wasn’t for him, it was for the other guy that said I didn’t list what’s due at signing. He knows his payment for an LE RAV4 will be around $240/mo all in

Guys, this is someone else thread, go post your requests in Jim’s thread.