Deal on Cadillac XT6

Hi All,

wanted to see what you guys think of this deal 36/12

MSRP- 59220 - AWD, Nav, 6 passenger, comfort and air quality
Sale Price- 53968 GM employee discount
Incentives- 5617 = 2000 +1500+ 750 + 1k Voucher and some dealer cash (checking on that)
zero down
1100 Start up includes first month

$498.12 w tax a month

Was this a Sport or Premium Luxury?

Premium lux

What’s the MF and Residual? Looks pretty decent for a new model in this climate from GM

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.56 .00019

Can you break down what the incentives are ?

750 lease cash
2000 lease return or conquest
1500 purchase allowance

Did you check the fine print on that one? I’d be shocked if they gave you a purchase allowance on a lease

  • $1,500 Customer Bonus Cash for Retail - Expires 08/04/2020
  • $500 Customer Bonus Cash for Retail - Expires 08/04/2020
  • $2,000 Loyalty for Lease - Expires 08/04/2020
  • $750 Lease Bonus Cash - Expires 08/04/2020

It was a cash bonus. In total it was 4250 and I added 1k voucher part of GMS program. Brought it to 5250 in incentives. The dealer used the 750 bonus instead of the 500 bonus