Deal help please - Mazda CX-5 Touring AWD Preferred 36mo/12k

I have been watching the other CX-5 deals on the site and have tried to use that info to put together a lease offer for 10% discount before incentives and only DMV, fees and taxes (aka no deposit) at signing. I verified RV and MF on Edmunds for this trim and miles in my zip code.

This is the third offer from this dealer. Informed them that I’m ready to sign by close of business Sunday if we can get this put together.

I can’t get the math to add up for the monthly payment on this offer or the previous offer. Can you help me figure out where the discrepancy is?

Selling price 10% off MSRP
Incentives: 750 loyalty, 965 Internet, 1st payment
DAS: DMV, DOC and 10.4% tax

Dealer’s Initial Offer:
MSRP: 30,955
Selling Price: 28,975 (6.4% pre-incentive discount)
RV: 17,335 (56%)
MF: .00098
Total Taxes: 1,497.80
Adjusted Cap Cost: 28,646.71
Incentives: 1,147.72 (750 loyalty and first pmt)
Deposit: 1,000
Tax: 10.4%
Payment: 359.28 w/tax 397.72

Selling Price - RV (11,640) /36 = 323.33
Selling Price + RV (46,310) * MF = 45.38

Current Offer
MSRP: 30,955
Selling Price: 28,975 (same 6.4% pre-incentive discount)
RV: 17,335 (56%)
MF: .00012
Total Taxes: 1,345.52
Adjusted Cap Cost: 28,646.71
Incentives: 1,103.95 (750 loyalty and first pmt) + 24.34
Deposit: 1,000
Tax: 10.4%
Payment: 319.74 w/tax 353.95

Selling Price - RV (11,640) /36 = 323.33
Selling Price + RV (46,310) * MF = 5.56

Calculator Link

You are doing good work here. You have earned a good deal.

FYI: To calculate monthly depreciation and rent you use adjusted cap costs, not selling price.

You biggest challenge will be getting a dealer in the PNW to hit your 10% pre-incentive. I am not familiar with PNW dealers other than they suck when it comes to discounting. Fight the good fight. I suggest you wrap your head around how much discount you are willing to settle for.


Thanks @824. I countered with the below. Honestly, I’m not sure why I had the MF so high on my counter-offer, I think I was crunching various numbers in my spreadsheet and that MF stuck when I copy/pasted.

MSRP 30,955
Selling price 28,975
RV 56% 17,335
MF .00045/1.08%
Incentives 2015
Capitalized cost: 26,960
DAS: DMV and Doc fees 657.75 + tax

Regardless, they rejected my counter and offered me a reduced selling price (7.04% discount off MSRP), and increased the cap cost by $220.03 and increased the payment. Incentives are listed, but they’re not being used to lower total capitalized cost. Highlighted number $883 at the bottom is their loss, per the sales person texting me.

Asked them if they will apply incentives to reduce cap cost to $27,700.28, otherwise we’re done.

Nice to see you have chipped away at the discount.

You should have no problem getting your $750 loyalty applied against your cap cost. If you want to lower your cap cost more you can have the $800 in capitalized fees moved to DAS.

Good to see you eliminated the $1,000 down payment, which resulted in raising your cap cost. Good trade off unless you have a monthly payment you need for budget purposes.

Ignore the $883 reported loss, the dealer will never show you the true profit figure. No dealer is selling a CX-5 at a loss in this market.

How many dealers have you negotiated a deal with?


Thank you! This is my first time, ever, negotiating for a lease. I’ve already taken what I’ve learned from this first dealership and have approached another dealership with an offer. If I can get the cap cost, monthly payment, and DAS I want, then I’m done shopping for a lease. Will post more negotiations as they progress.

Couldn’t have done any of this without the help of this site and forums. I actually reached out to a broker on this site, but they don’t work in my state so I decided to try hacking a lease myself. It’s pretty fun.

You are making all the right moves. Since this is your first time, one thing you will learn in this process is each dealer has his/her way of structuring a lease. What gets capitalized. How much discount a dealer will accept. How transparent is the information. You will learn something new from each dealer. The key to getting a great deal is knowing IN ADVANCE what a great deal looks like and negotiating with as MANY DEALERS as possible. Get the numbers you like and enjoy your new SUV. Good luck.

Updating this thread with my deal. I ended up putting 1k down, plus my trade in. Obviously should’ve stuck to my guns on the zero down and sold my trade in to a private party for more $, but I’m happy with the deal and the dealer didn’t play games with MF or RV, which was nice.

The CX5 was for my son, now I’m working on a Volvo or Mazda lease for myself. Taking what I learned here and will try again.

Here’s the lease worksheet and calculator link.
Leasehacker Calculator