Deal Help-NX300 F Sport

Local Lexus dealer says they can’t do any better than this since “cost of the car hasn’t changed”. This is the same offer they’ve had for three months FYI…

MSRP: 48387
Dealer Discount: 3536
Lexus Incentive: 1500
Total Discount: 5036
Down Payment: 0

30 Months/12k per year
Residual: 58
MF: .00030
9.24 sales tax
Tax on incentive (1500): 139

Monthly payment of $624 for 30 months or $582 for 36 months (12k miles per year)

Looks okay to me from the $0 perspective. About all they can do is lower the price more, residual they cant do jack about, your sales tax is a bit high (but also nothing you can do about). Maybe drop the 30 month down to 12k miles and pickup 2 points on the residual (moves the payment about $35 bucks on the leasehackr calculator…)

Yeah, I just updated it. This is 12k. 15k drops the residual to 56.

Seems like a pretty poor deal to me considering what you’re getting in terms of value.

Are you married to NX300? You can get a decently equipped X3 or Q5 for about the same money. Hell, even XC-60s can be had.


oh, ouch, i was going off 58 and 60. I think between the 30 month and discount price on the car (~10%), those are hurting you the most. I closed the calculator will all the specs, but like @StingerTT said, unless you are set on Lexus, i’d look elsewhere, even though that Tax rate follows you :frowning:

Have you sat in one? I’m assuming/hoping yes, wife and i took one around the block, it was a hell no from me, its just too small (she had an is200t at the time).

You have 3 threads open about the NX300. Keep all your posts and updates in the same thread.

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