Deal for Review: 2020 BMW X7

Hi Guys,

First time user, hope I got this down?
Irvine, CA
2020 X7 new vehicle
$78,720 MSRP
$75,720 sale price (3.8% reduction)
36 months/12,000 miles
$2,000 at signing, using 7 MSD ($8,050 more at time of signing)
Takes MF from 0.00118 to 0.00093
Extra $1,720 in incentives
$1,061 per month

Let me know what you think and where I can trim. Thanks!

Larger discount. That preincentive is several % above ‘invoice’, aka a joke lmao. You’re MF isn’t base, should be 0.00099 for July, or today.

Thanks, @HersheySweet . What would you recommend going back with on discount push? Net net after incentives brings price down to $73,000.

You’re comfortable it has the features you need?

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Hi @max_g. Yes, this is the one.

Great car, I own one and have really enjoyed it.

My suggestion is that if you are in the Northeast, reachout to Dan @nextlevelautobrokers…you can get a better discount off MSRP and the use of the base MF without markup, etc.

That’s gruesome

Text me
424-278-8216 (Gor)

Legends is great. This is terrible.

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3.8% lol. That’s just insulting.

Appreciate the shutout. I am not registered as a broker/dealer (I have no intentions of selling through LH) and if you can find someone doing more than 10% on a new car or loaner in Chicagoland, I would take that deal. Think we are down to about 30 new cars and 2 or 3 loaners (we sell about 80 new/loaner cars a month for comparison), so not much in the way of deals.