Deal for family in the works

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Where are you located? I might be able to help

I think there could be a RAV4 in his future :grinning:


Only my uncles are willing to sign but both have this history. You think this can be worked around?

Plus Toyota is having a fabulous new grad discount, so if OP’s sister is about to graduate, they can get a killer deal on a Toyota. However, this won’t help with the credit situation, so better get that straightened out before attempting ANY lease

Does one pay lease help with the credit issue??
(Question for the hackrs)

Maybe a Buick encore is the way to go??

Prayers for your grandma. I hope the pros on here can help you. God bless.

The College grad won’t work with issues on credit. :frowning_face: One of stipulations is no derog credit

Speak to the finance manager directly, it’s odd that they’re still willing to lease to you just a diff vehicle which is approx the same MSRP. Civics and HRVs aren’t that far off in price. Alternatively contact another Honda dealership with a more skilled finance manager that might be able to work on this and push it through. Often times the sales guys are not experienced enough and give up easily.

I’m not sure how a Corolla really helps…it’s basically as low as a Civic

I also don’t know if you can lease a crossover and insure it for less than 280/month (I’m guessing your cousin isn’t hold enough to have real cheap insurance).

Maybe buy/finance a used car that’s easier to get in and out of …like a Scion XB?

All the best for your grandmother :pray:

Can’t speak for all captives, but for GM, you actually have to have a better score to do a 1 pay than to lease for a 24-36 month term. Doesn’t make sense, but it is what it is.

Edit: I read this somewhere, but can’t find it now for the life of me.

It’s because the Civic’s likely lease out cheaper, so the higher MF will still come in under budget considering they’re not tier 1.

Buick Encore or Chevy Trax LS is under the $200 a month price range (with zero down and zero at signing) with 1K down take 30 bucks off the monthly and 30 more if 2K down. Both are high enough. Looks like people are getting similar for the GMC Terrain.

I wish I knew about this before I got my Honda

This seems like a situation where something like a used Scion XB, CRV etc… might be a good choice. Will be cheaper to buy, cheaper to insure and lower taxes.

Also you don’t say how much you will be driving. Cousins last car had 350k on it so sounds like maybe a lot unless you bought it used with a huge number of miles. For perspective, at my current pace my 2008 Civic wont hit 350k until 2058, this is why wife and i lease our second car and will lease when Civic finally shows any signs of becoming unreliable (fingers crossed, dang thing is indestructible).

I understand the urge to chase low payments now but everyone will be unhappy 3 years if you owe 10k in mileage overages and only have the credit to finance car at subprime rate.

Have to agree with this. Find a reliable used CUV under $8K and finance it. With $2K down on that even if they rape you on the interest rate you’ll be under $150 a month on a 60 month loan.

If you have to have a new one and won’t be way over on miles look at some of the deals on the Buicks where you can find them $99 a month with zero down. However you won’t get those deals if your credit is marginal.

GMC Terrain

What dealer in Chicago area? Continental Honda is good…I know 2 guys there if you need a referral

12k should be enough!

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I’d love to help but it sounds like you may not be able to meet the credit criteria to lease. You’ll want to look for a cheaper used vehicle. Look at Korean cars. Best wishes to your Grammy.

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My uncle who has a repo on his account has a 700 credit score.