Deal Check: XC40 AWD T5 Momentum

First post - I have been reading the forums religiously for the past two weeks, gathering as much detail as possible and finally reached out to a few dealers and this was the best I got back so far.

I have received a quote for a XC40 T5 AWD Momentum with 5k miles - Premium Package, Moon Roof and Heated Seats and Steering wheel. From my Edmonds search I have determined the MF of .00088 in my area and the Residual Value of 56%. which the dealer has correct.

MSRP: $41,465
Selling Price: $37,215 (not included on the image, but factoring that Costco + USAA + First responder makes up half of the 8500 discount would be left with this amount ~10.3% off msrp)

Incentives: Costco, First Responder, USAA.

*In DE we have to pay 4.25% on selling price of car and then an addition 1.998% monthly - which is difficult to input in the calculator

Let me know what you think.

There’s $1500 in lease cash as well, beyond the costco stuff.

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