Deal Check! X5 xDrive40 Loaner


Your thoughts

I fixed a few things:

But in all honesty, with the way things are going in the market, especially what I’m seeing for X5s, this is not a bad deal. There are very bad things to come for X5s, and I’ll leave it at that for now.

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Thanks. Your fix is not correct.

There is a $1000 discount from applying OL code.
It was reflected on Sale price .

Imo you’re better off doing a new build. I’m at that same payment with 2,000 down.

The proper way to account for that then is to add $500 to the sales price and list the $500 bmwfs ol contribution in the incentives section. The $500 portion of the ol code that is dealer contribution would stay in the sales price/discount.

@DMVLease what bad things are you referring to?
I’m about to sign this deal and now you made me worry.

Dmvlease is referring to a shortage of X5s coming in the future.

800/month for a base x5 loaner? You can do better

There is a major shortage of X5s coming down the pike. What dealerships have now is what they will have for the most part. There is an average of less than 3 modifiable builds for every dealership in the country right now and very few in production.

@2021540i - that is the way X5 pricing is now with a 53% residual for 10k miles. He would need upwards of 11% off on a build of the same MSRP to get to the same monthly.


I hear ya DMV… just saying I still think OP would be better off just building car to his/her likings for a touch more money. Just my opinion.

In normal times, sure. With what supply, now?

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