Deal Check: VW ID.4 S - Northern NJ

Hello, seeking a deal-check as follows:

2023 Volkswagen ID.4 S (RWD)
Location: Northern NJ

MSRP: $46,101
Leveraging following incentives:

  • VW Partner Program (dealer invoice and $500 off)
  • NJ Charge-Up Incentive of $4,000
  • VCI $7,500 Lease

MF @ .00200
RV @ 54%
Net Cap Cost: $33,065.90
Term: 10K / 36MO

DAS: $1,469.85 (1st month, DMV and Doc)
Monthly: $342.03


You are getting a fixed discount using partner program. The incentives are what they are. Have you confirmed the MF and RV are correct? And the MF is not inflated? Other than that, there is nothing else to be done. Doc fee appears high but the only option for that is to find a dealer with a lower one.

Thank you so much - agreed MF seems a little high however that and the RV have been confirmed to be as such.

Appreciate your time and response!

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