Deal Check-VW 2024 Atlas Se w/Tech & Pano roof

Hello All,
So this is my first post on this board. Currently, I have a 2019 Honda Pilot ex-l with around 24k miles. The equity is around 3700. Recently i went to a local south florida VW dealer and looked at the new Atlas. I was quoted 691 plus tax for the Se with tech with a panoramic roof with 4k down as well as the equity from my current lease making it a 7.7k downpayment on a 43k vehicle. Is this the typical price? Or are they making up numbers. They stated that the rv is 62% Currently I pay in the low 400s for the Pilot and was looking for something in that range. Also my credit is around 804. Thank you.

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Doesn’t look good…from what I’ve seen they just don’t lease well. Probably better off as a buy. Just sell it when the warranty is up lol

If you are looking for a 3-row SUV, nothing exists in that price range.

Having said that, that quote is a complete joke for that car and for that MSRP.

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CX90 PHEV in the mid 400s in some regions.

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Why exit your Pilot at a pretty bad time for 3-row SUV leases?

Currently under an extended lease and its really for my parents. Also apparently the starter is giving them some trouble and sometimes the infotainment goes blank.

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