Deal check - Volvo XC90 T6 Mom


First of all I’d like to thank you all in advance as this forum has helped me understand the leasing process. I used some of the previous posts/deals to negotiate what I think is decent deal but not sure if I’m leaving some meat on the bone. Also wanted to get input on the maintenance charge that is being added(see screen shot). When inquired I was told it’s to adjust for the miles that are on the loaner vehicle(rate of $0.20/mi).

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Volvo XC90 momentum
MSRP: $61959
Monthly Payment: $540
Drive-Off Amount: $1160
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00141
Residual: 60%
Incentives: Costco, first responder
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score: 11.8

Do you have the contract? $850 would be deducted from the RV amount. It corresponds to 4,250 miles, so you can check.
What are the incentives? $2k FR, $1,250 Costco and $2k allowance?
13% off is very weak on a loaner. With mileage penalty you are at 11.5% which is close to doable new car discount

Thanks for the input. Are most of the selling price on deals posted include incentives or is it pre-incentives? Btw the incentives Breakdown you had is correct. I would have to check on the mileage penalty.

Dealers advertise with all possible finance incentives included, so you always need to verify for lease.

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Is the maintenance contract necessary?

what is that, ramsey volvo???

I questioned the same thing to the dealer but was told it’s a way to “adjust” for the miles on the car. Guessing that’s the mileage penalty but seems odd that would be passed on to the consumer.

No, this is in PA

It is not passed on to you, that’s how loaner leases work - RV must be reduced. The way the presented it is unusual, but at least it is transparent

it’s just a net $750 savings for a 3k loaner or $1500 for a 6k loaner…

Tried contacting a couple dealers to beat that price but not finding any luck. Any ideas/suggestions on how to negotiate a better deal?

Yeah sure! Use a broker. You’re within driving distance of NY Tri, a ton of brokers on here have dealers within a 3 hour drive.

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Tried that too, hopefully the few I contacted will get back. Thanks!

Had a dealer match the previous deal: msrp of $63,205
DAS: inceptions plus first month: $1,160
Monthly: $540
36mo/12k mi

Take it or can brokers do much better?

Look at this deal, I swear people don’t want you work with you. This is CPO too

Think of all the time they’re saving you by letting you know upfront they don’t want to do business.


That’s seems like a pretty solid deal without knowing more info.

Is it a loaner or new?

It’s a Loaner about 3800 miles. Maybe I’m wrong but when I saw the price I’m like wait. I can finance used car for about the same price (over 84 months, lol). I think their APR was higher in the 4’s. Am I off base to think this is a bad deal?

Your deal is very bad. I think bdemps was referring to amped’s deal.


It was a new deal, 23 miles on the car.