Deal Check - Volvo XC90 Recharge T8 Plus Bright 7-Seater (36mo/12K)

Looking for a 36 month, 12K per year lease. Here is where I’m at…

Volvo XC90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid T8 Plus Bright 7-Seater
MSRP - $76,495
Selling Price - $57,409
Sales Tax 10.25%
MF .00380 and 63% residual

Dealership’s latest offer: $2K down + $827/month (incl. taxes)

Thanks all

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Wow - solid discount off MSRP. Did you use a broker or on your own? I too am in the market for the car, but 6 seater.

You should provide a breakdown of the discount - meaning, what portion of it is due to offers/incentives versus dealer reduction.

Also, is this a 2023 or a 2024?

Nice job! It’s a great car.

Not necessarily, if there’s dealer cash or incentives buried in there.

And aside from that it’s a questionable value. $30,000+ total lease cost for a car selling for $57k

For an almost 10 year old car with no long-term hold prospects (should one choose to do so).

Hi it’s a 2024

By that definition it’s preposterous to rent it for 30 grand.

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If you want us to provide a fair judgment of your lease, you will need to provide more info specifically how much of your discount can be attributed to the dealer’s pocket vs rebates/incentives.

63% Resid is a big number

Can you explain? I appreciate it.

You may want to recheck your numbers.

  1. 12k RV is 62% not 63%

  2. If the selling price is accurate, your payment should be 675/mo including tax With 2k down. Even if we were to assume that they were quoting you based on 2k drive off (dealers rarely do), your payment should be 769/mo including tax at the most.

Just in case the dealer changes the deal on you, feel free to check out our deal:

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