Deal Check - Volvo V60

Hi All:

I’m very new to the forum but I’ve been poking around the last few days and am seeking some assistance from all the experienced folks here!

I currently lease a 2018 S90 T5 MOM and pay $366/month with 9 months left on my lease (located in South Florida). I’m starting to get bombarded with Pull-Ahead requests and the best offer I’ve received so far is this one (for a V60 T5 MOM with Premium Package and 19" wheels):

Is this a solid deal? It seems like Florida leases aren’t all that impressive so I’m wondering if I should just stick it out in my S90 until something amazing comes along.

Thanks in advance!

What is the actual pre-incentive discount? Looks like you only have the Costco/loyalty ones separated out.

I have the Costco and Loyalty incentives only. They didn’t give any additional details as far as other discounts (its a V60, not a loaner, so they said there wasn’t too much available as far as incentives go).

Looks like $750 lease cash in addition to Costco and loyalty

That still puts you at 15% off pre-incentive, which is way more than I would expect here if that’s buy rate MF

So does this mean its a worthwhile deal? And is it worth leaving my nicely equipped S90? Just because its a good deal, if it isn’t as good a deal as what I’m in now I should wait, no?

You can probably do better on a v60cc if price is a major driver here. You’re not going to get as good of a deal as the 2018 s90 firesale, so I’d keep that unless you have a big reason for needing something new.

Awesome, thank you so much for your quick response. I don’t need to get out of the car for now, I just wanted to see if I could snag an (almost) as good deal that could lower my payment (V60 or S60).

V60 is a hard one to get a low price on. V60cc or s60 will get you much closer. I don’t see any being substantially better than you’re paying though in FL

Thanks again for the feedback on the deal. I’ll see if anything can materialize on a loaner for an S60, but if not, I will stick to my S90. Do you know if it is worth it try to go through a broker and ship the car down (some of the deals I’ve seen listed for NY area seem crazy), but I don’t even know if that is an option…

Always worth comparing prices with some of them and going that route if it makes more sense. There are some great Volvo brokers here that I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with.

You have a great deal on your current, I’d keep the S90. Is loyalty $2000? If so seems like you’re getting 8% off MSRP which seems decent but likely repeatable when your lease is up.

Thanks, its $2000 loyalty (plus $750 dealer cash) and I just realized I didn’t include the additional $2000 for Costco. I assume that makes the deal even less stellar?

It makes it a lot more reasonable. Brings you to 12.5% pre-incentive, which is still very good on a v60

Did you check Edmunds? I just bought a V60 without loyalty in California, and it was $2750 dealer cash, $2000 Costco, and $1500 First Responder.

No $2750 dealer cash in Fl, only $750

Yup, we get no love here in Florida. Based on what I see on the forums here Florida regularly gets lower quality deals for Volvo?

I guess the question is would you rather be driving a new V60 over your S90? How does the equipment compare?

The S90 is very nicely equipped; there is no contest. If anything, it might be too much car for me; I guess I’m getting a bit greedy! I was hoping to maybe lower my payment and downsize to a similarly equipped S60/V60. It seems like I can downsize the car but not really the payment.

Sounds like you have your answer. Even if Costco goes away, I’d guess you’ll be able to do similar when your term nears expiration.

Yep, I think I’ll stay with what I have today. Thanks again for confirming! Enjoy your V60!

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