Deal Check Volvo V60 CC-Connecticut

Located in CT
MSRP $48100
Selling Price 40150
36 months, 12k miles/year
56% residual
Money factor .00018
$0 drive off
Untaxed incentives $750
Acq Fee $995
Dealer Fee $499
Gov Fee $250
Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $460
Monthly Payment with Tax: $490
Drive-Off: $0
Disposition Fee: $350
Total Lease Cost: $17,233
Leasehackr Score: 8.9 years

You need to separate out the rest of the incentives to properly compare pre-incentive discount amounts.

Also, your calculator is blank

Thanks for the quick response.

When i click on the calculator link a new and complete calculator page is spawned, so not blank when i do it. winder why that is?

I don’t know the various incentives as i am working with a broker.

There’s a button near the monthly payment section of the calculator for sharing the filled out calc.

Go to Volvo’s website and build the car. On the summary page, clock estimate my payment and enter your zip. It’ll tell you the incentives.

Edmunds will as well when you post to verify RV/MF/incentives

I did copy the share link from the calculator, here it is again. using the paste hyper link feature.
leasehackr link

I went to the Volvo site and built the car as you suggested, to match the $48100 MSRP
this offer popped up…Applied Offers -$3,750 2020 Volvo V60 Lease Bonus Dealer Cash
Expires: 8/31/20

Not sure if i qualify for other discounts as a BMW, VW or Toyota owner.

Thanks for your help on this.

That incentive puts you at just shy of 9% pre-incentive. How does that compare to the other deals you have researched here?

the leasehackr model the broker sent to me had me at 16.5% discount off of MSRP, $490 per month including tax, title and registration fees.

the volvo web site estimate comes in at $501 per month, Excludes taxes, title and registration fees.

Haven’t seen any other posts on this site for the volvo v60 CC AFTER the costco discount program was eliminated in June i thing–so not much to compare it against.

We break things down to pre-incentive discounts specifically so you can compare with different incentive structures.

checked out but this is all i got
Est. Savings$4,634 Autobytel not much help either, search v60, create an account via google, post your region (New England) , trim (cross country),zip , and mileage term (36/12).

You can go to the Volvo configuration and punch in the v60cc and find incentives in the payment estimator page on the last slide.

the edmunds tool will not allow me to build the car exactly as most dealers have them configured. edmunds in under by about $600 accounting for the protection package–whatever that is. Plus i can’t find the lease the inputs on the edmund site, it just gives me the purchase info.

From edmunds-- Incentives & Rebates ($0)

You’re not listening.

You need this, not whatever edmunds page you’re using.

Now follow these instructions, go to page 11, create an account via google, post your dealer zip code (New England) , trim (cross country),zip , and mileage term (36/12).

Aha, i missed the forums part. will check now. thanks

I posted this questions, “Can I get the RV, MF and incentives for VOLVO 2020 v60 cross country 36/12 in 06897? Thanks so much”

Would highly suggest looking at Boston’s option. The Volvo dealer was great to work with, and it looks like he has your offer best by at least $100 a month if you qualify for no discounts!

Boston is great, if you don’t want bs, and an amazing experience, Mike is the man in New England.

@Drconehead2000 you are king of the mensches! Thanks brother. Excited for the big day tomorrow.

@HersheySweet thanks for the kind words man. I hope all is well.

I wish the deal was $100 month better haha but his deal looks to be a true 0 DAS and $490/Month.

I think I may only be $30/month better looking quickly.

For the MSRP of $48,100, with no loyalty and no medical/teacher/responder–what is the monthly rate with zero drive off? and zero MSD?