Deal Check – Volvo V60 CC – Bay Area

Hi. First time poster trying to make sense of an offer I have received. I’m in Northern California.

It seems to be much much better than anything else I’ve gotten in the Bay Area but I’m unclear if it takes advantage of all possible bonuses etc. Also I’ll admit I’m having a hard time understanding the quote document I received. Would appreciate your thoughts on the offer but also helping me out with understanding if I’m missing anything.

Volvo CC w/Adv. Package = $51,600 MSRP
Money Factor = .00018
Down Payment = $1,223.92
Residual Value = 55%
Monthly = $398.58 + tax
Month w/tax = $439.42
Due at signing = $2,500
Terms = 36/7500 miles (don’t need more)

I don’t think I qualify for any incentives (not loyalty, first-responded). Tried to find a conquest one as I own a Subaru but no luck.

Calculator link: here.

I’m no Volvo expert so can’t comment on deal. But you may want to blot out the dealer info and stock no. before this gets snatched from under you!

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Is there a reason you put down $1,200? Discount is good at 9.4%

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Tbh it’s because that’s what this quote came back as from the dealer – they are calling the DAS the down payment but I’ve verified that it includes all of the other items. $2500 due at signing is fine, and a nice round number I’m ok with.

You do.

Go to Volvo’s website, build the car and on the summary page, click estimate my payment and put in your zip. It’ll tell you how much in lease cash/Volvo allowance you (and everyone else in your region) qualify for.

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Doesn’t show conquest though. Maybe @nyclife or @Benedetto can confirm for Subaru on V60CC.

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Thanks so I did that and looks like $3,500 in Dealer Cash Allowance. Ok, so here’s a noob question – if my dealer didn’t explicitly say that that was factored into my offer, how would I know? Or rather, other than asking the dealer would I know?

You didn’t do as he said. The incentives are $4,250, the same as in your deal sheet.
Besides, $3,500 is for purchase, not lease

OK thanks I see it now “Payment Estimator”. My bad. Was looking right at it. Got it so it’s $4,250. And my deal sheet it is listed as “Dealer Cash Profit”. Thanks.

Unless you have it in writing that it isn’t included, it’s safe to assume it is. An easy tell is by comparing your listed discount against the pre-incentive discounts on other deals. No one is getting anywhere near 17% discounts from dealers on a v60cc.

Now, take that info and separate the incentives out of your discount so you’re left with the actual pre-incentive discount amount. How does that % compare to all the other Volvo deals you researched on here?

You would never know to ask … how is anyone with no experience negotiating a Volvo lease suppose to know what pricing/incentive strategy Volvo uses with its dealers? For this very reason, most folks here will guide you to look at past Volvo deals to learn what a good Volvo deal looks like. To learn how Volvo uses direct-to-dealer incentives to price its cars. To learn if/how Volvo dealers use their MF to squirrel away camouflaged profit. Review posted Volvo deals here and you will learn a lot - you will learn how to structure a good Volvo deal. Start with the post noted below to get your bearings. There are many Volvo deal post here to review. Not so many V60 deals, but lots of XC series deals (XC deals can be used to learn V60 deals). Dive in and spend as much or as little time as you like.

Thanks everyone. Yes, it’s all falling into place. I’ve done a lot of looking at other deals but had trouble comparing because, as you’ve mentioned, there aren’t many V60 deals and even fewer in CA. That being said, now I understand the deal sheet a bit more and why @Ursus called it a 9.4% discount – thanks @mllcb42. And thanks for the reco, @824 – gonna read that XC90 post now.